The guy is hotter

You guys know that I consider myself 100% bisexual.  Some people find it hard to believe but I genuinely enjoying having sex with a guy as much as I love having sex with a girl – both at the same time is obviously better.

I feel that a good looking guy is just as hot as a good looking girl – I can appreciate them both.

In this photos though, I think the guy looks fantastic and if I was forced to choose between the guy or the girl… I’d choose the guys.  Assuming I couldn’t choose both of course.

Sexy Swimsuit Couple

Funny enough, I just realized that the speedos that guy is wearing are similar (not quite the same) as a recent ‘Speedo Photo of the Day‘.

Swimmer in Arena Speedos

Since I’m posting pics of guys and girls, yesterday I posted this photo over on  There is a story to go along with this gorgeous young couples Halloween costumes.  Be sure to leave your feedback if you want me to write more about what they get up to in those speedos.

Speedo Halloween Costume

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Dr. Phil said,  

I’m not able to comment on bisexualdave, unfortunately…otherwise I would as frequently as I do here, but I read it a lot in any case…

And I have to say, these three photos are all great, but I love the story that goes along with the last one as well. What a treat to discover speedos in that context, and not to mention he looks damn good in them (and she’s not bad in the Supergirl outfit, either!). It would have been better, granted, if the Aquaman speedos were green rather than blue (and even then, unless there’s also some orange in them, then it’s pretty much like Submariner from the Marvel universe instead), but oh well, they’re still speedos! 😉

Eric said,  

Supergirl is hot but so is her friend. And he’s got one of those nice smooth bodies, not over-muscled, that looks great in a speedo. Shame that he’s wearing such a large one. How fuckable would this guy look in an Aqux speedo, say, just topping his cock mound?

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