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Aussie Swinger Couple Seduces Me

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It was Monday morning in Australia and I was looking forward to a productive start to the week.  I was up early, I went for a swim and a sauna, bacon and eggs for breakfast and I was settling in to a big day of work.

The I received a Facebook message from an old tennis partner of mine Matt.

After high school I played a little bit of tennis and I was teamed up with a guy called Matt. Nice guy, better tennis player than I was and we would have a beer after tennis but were never super close mates. He was (is) maybe five years older than me and he was married to this super hot Norwegian chick. I remember her coming to tennis to cheer us on. i think it was just as I started travelling and stopped playing tennis that Matt and his Norwegian missus got divorced.

Since then, I haven’t seen Matt at all.  A few years ago he Facebook stalked me and we had a few exchanges on there but when I was back in Queensland (where I grew up) we never seemed to be able to arrange a chance to catch up, or have a hit of tennis which would be great.

It was Matt who messaged me just after midday that Monday.  “Dave, you are up on the Sunshine Coast right? Missus and I are up for the day at the &%##^* Surf Club having a beer, come join us if you are free.”

That surf club is less than fifty meters from where I’m living and I thought it would be rude if I didn’t go and have a beer.  So I threw on some clothes and wandered over the road.

I walked in and could pick Matt out straight away and he saw me. Hugs like old mates. I hadn’t met his new wife, Lisa before, and again Matt chose a smoking hot wife (brunette this time instead of the Norwegian blonde). It was just like old times and Matt was telling embarrassing stories about me that I had honestly forgotten about. We were laughing so hard that people were looking at us like maybe we were the drunk people.  We weren’t… yet. After we all got a round of beers I said that I’d prefer to switch to scotch or rum, and I asked Matt and Lisa if they would like to head back to my place?

That is what we did.

On the walk back to my place we had to move their car so they didn’t get a parking ticket and I mentioned to bring up their swimsuits in case we ended up in the rooftop hottub.

Back at my little unit we had a real drink and the laughter continued.  I think it was after two drinks that Lisa suggested we go check out the rooftop hottub.  Sounded like a good idea.  I offered them the bathroom if they needed to get changed but they both said they were wearing their togs. Being such a fan of speedos of course that made me think. Matt was wearing a pair of dress shorts with a leather belt, if they are wearing their togs does that mean he is speedo’ing it up?

Of course, I was wearing speedos under my shorts.

Up at the hottub, Matt dropped his shorts and revealed a navy blue speedo. I dropped my shorts and revealed my new Q speedos (you can see pics of me wearing them on my blog) and Lisa slipped off her light dress to reveal a red bikini. We all got in the tub like old friends.  I think we were there maybe five minutes when three ladies joined us. They were rather large ladies but great fun and joined in chatting. This did mean that our threesome had to bunch up at one end of the hottub. There was some touching but I didn’t think anything of it, just accidental.

With our drinks empty, Lisa suggested we head back to the unit to watch a footy game (AFL, Aussie Rules) that was about to start.

As the three of us got out of the hottub, I could feel the eyes of the three fat chicks checking Matt and I out. I have to admit, we both looked pretty good in our speedos.

Back at my little unit I poured another drink, yes we were all getting a little tipsy but we weren’t driving anywhere. Lisa and Matt sat on the couch with their towels wrapped around them. Since my unit only has one three person couch I was about to sit down on the floor when Lisa and Matt compelled me to sit on the couch with them. Instead of them sitting next to each other, they made me sit in the middle. Definitely a little odd.

The footy started and it was just like three old friends hanging out.

Lisa got up to go to the bathroom and she returned without her towel. So now I was sitting there between a chick in a red bikini, and a guy in a speedo, with a towel around him. But the towel wouldn’t last long, within five minutes of Lisa loosing her towel, Matt got up to go to the bathroom and he returned without his towel.

Half time came and it was time for Lisa and Matt to make their move. Lisa started by asking how the Covid had effected my sex life? I replied that it definitely hadn’t helped. Then Matt said that it had effected their sex life too. By now I think the three of us knew where this conversation was going. I played along and asked, as a couple, how had the restrictions effected your sex life?

It was Lisa who replied, “We are very open minded Dave.” And as she said it her hand slipped under my towel. Only resting on my thigh and I could see in her eyes her anticipation of my response. I stayed silent and it was Matt who broke that silence. “Are you open minded Dave?”

If they only knew…. actually, they were about to find out.

I replied to Matt that I am very open minded.

Then, something I didn’t expect but I was hoping for, Matt slid his hand under my towel and rested it on my thigh. Matt asked me again, “Really open minded Dave?”

I know it is super cheesey, and you will laugh at me but I did the whole movie theatre thing where I pretended to yawn and put my arms around both of them. As I reassured them that I was “Very, open minded.” I gently pulled Matt towards me and we starting kissing.

Holy cow!!! I never had any inkling that Matt was this ‘open minded’, he is just about as Aussie and a bloke can get.

While we made out, I felt Lisa trying to take my towel off me and I lifted my butt to help her out. My cock was fully hard and she was rubbing it through the lycra of my speedos.

I couldn’t believe it, I was making out with my old tennis partner, while his wife was rubbing my cock!!!

We broke off our kiss, it was Lisa that was feeling left out and she turned my head towards her and I started kissing her. While our tongues were wrestling I could feel Matt undoing the drawstring of my speedos. Wow, things moved quickly.

As I felt Matt pull back on the drawstring, giving him access to my cock, Lisa and I stopped kissing and we admired the view of her husband, on he knees about to take my cock in his mouth.

Two Guy Threesome

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September 24th, 2020

Bi Threesomes

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I’m a huge fan of threesomes and I have had some experience with bisexual two guy threesomes as you guys well know.

It was a bisexual threesome experience years ago that started me blogging.  It was so amazingly hot I felt like I had to share it with somebody so I wrote about it and here we are years later and I’m still writing about my advetures.

As a matter of fact, I’ve got a plan for maybe some threesome action this Friday…..

You can read about my first threesome on my site

May 7th, 2020

Let’s Find out if he really is bisexual…..

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OK guys, enough emails asking me for what comes next…..

I left you earlier in the week (click here for that post) with an experience that I had last January at Kip’s place in Colorado. His sister, her boyfriend and I were sitting around the dinner table (Kip had gone out to the hot tub with two of the other dinner party guests).

The boyfriend had claimed he was bisexual and I didn’t believe it.  But, I left you when he and I were sitting there wearing speedos after being ‘challenged’ to drop our jeans.  To get caught up, just scroll down two blog posts.

Kip’s sister commented that this was the kind of threesome combination that was her favorite. The boyfriend coughed but I said,

“Why not mate? She fulfilled your threesome fantasy, only fair to reciprocate.”

My cock was stirring in the front of my speedo and I had to adjust myself and as I did I caught the boyfriends eyes look at my crotch. He was nervous but I think he was up for it.

“Did two girls making out turn you on?” Kip’s sister asked. She wasn’t expecting an answer, I stood up, taking off my shirt. Standing there in front of the boyfriend wearing nothing but my little red speedos. He hesitated, then with a grumble of “I suppose so” he stood up. I let him initiate it which took for ever. Finally he moved in for his first bisexual kiss.

I took it slow, mostly lips to start, then a little tongue, then more tongue, then a proper kiss and we were sucking face. His shirt came off and we were going at it pretty good, this guy really is bisexual despite my earlier doubts.

Again, I was letting him go at his speed so finally he moved his hands from around my neck and back down to my arse, we were both hard and grinding our cocks together. The boyfriend seemed like he was about to move his hands to the front of my speedo when Kip’s sister broke us up.

Neither of us had noticed but she had stripped down to her black Wicked Weasel bikini bottoms, I had seen them before, they are tiny and barely cover anything.

She broke us up to make out with the boyfriend with one of his hands still on my arse, the other hand was presumably on her arse. My face was only inches from theirs as they were making out, to say I was turned on is the understatement of the year. It was a minute ago when I expected the boyfriend to start rubbing the front of my speedo, but it was Kip’s sister who started rubbing it. She broke off the kiss and she said to him,

“Watching me eat a girl out was hot right? Would you suck Dave’s cock for me?”

Kip’s sister was fumbling trying to get my fully erect cock out the leg of my speedos and failing miserably at it so I helped her out. Now I was standing there, in the personal space of a couple, him wearing my favorite speedo of all time, her wearing a Wicked Weasel g-string bikini bottom, me wearing a red speedo with my cock out.

“Come on, I’ll help you.” She said as she lowered herself to her knees bring him with her.

“Open up….” Her hand was on the base of my cock as she guided it into his mouth.

Bisexual Cock SuckingForced BI

I got to writing this part of what happened and was so horny that I came in the speedos I was wearing then. The next day, I proof read this and got to this part, and came again in my speedos. I can’t believe I didn’t cum the second his lips touched the head of my cock.

I’ll post some more over the weekend but remember, if you want to read it all now just click here to join. It is only $5 and you can join using PayPal.

September 28th, 2018

Sunday Threesome

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Looks like I am having a threesome with a couple just north of me here tonight!!!

I’m pretty excited as you can imagine.  How this came about is a little different though.  I was talking to a guy on Grindr, a little back and forth and we didn’t end up connecting because he was just passing through town.  During our chatting he asked me what my ultimate combination is, I replied:

A male/female couple who are both bisexual is my perfect combination.

Then he pointed out a guy who was out of my Grindr ‘range’ who’s name is “Bisex 3some”  I hit up that guy and turns out he and his wife love adding an extra guy.

They are a little older than me, hot from the photos I’ve seen and they sound experienced.

Wish me luck and I’ll let you guys know how it goes later this week.

MFM Threesome

August 18th, 2018

Bisexual Couple

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My ultimate fantasy would be to be part of a bisexual couple (yes a bisexual girl).

While I obviously love fucking guys, I don’t think I’ve even been emotionally involved with guys the same way I am with women.

I have dated girls over the years and I have been faithful and I think I could handle that long term, it would be fun to be able to add a guy (or couple) into my sex life occasionally.

Here is a story that I read earlier in the week which sounds like an amazing relationship – would love to hear your thoughts guys.

My fiance and I have a partially open relationship. We’re both bisexual and exclusive within our relationship to members of the opposite sex. However, each of us travels for work regularly and we decided our trips would be a good time for each of us to indulge in our bisexuality.

Half the year, she’s gone three days a week, and half the year I’m gone three or four days a week. We miss each other when we’re gone, but it’s a perfect arrangement that we’ve got worked out.

Recently, our neighbors who lived in the house across the street moved away and their house was sold to a guy named Julian, Jules for short. The day he moved in, my fiance and I went over to introduce ourselves and welcome him to the neighborhood. He answered the door in a t-shirt and shorts and holy shit was he gorgeous. He was probably 6’2″ with a swimmers build and serious lettuce. His skin was perfectly tan and his eyes were a really deep green. He had a hint of stubble just worked so well with everything else he had going on. I looked over at my fiance and I could tell she was smitten with him as well.

We got to talking and he told us that he had recently broken up with his wife. After awhile we realized it was because he realized he was gay. My wife immediately told him that we were both bisexual and that he had nothing to worry about in the neighborhood. Granted, we tried to keep our situation hush-hush. We opened the bottle of wine that we brought over and got to talking. That led to more wine, etc. Finally we told him about our situation and how it worked for us.

The next Monday night my wife was away and I asked him to come over to watch a basketball game. He was totally down. He brought some beer and sat really close to me. I knew immediately where this was headed. Finally I looked at him and just said, “Hey man, neither one of us is dumb. We might as well just be up front about what we want, right?”

That was all that needed to be said. He immediately started making out with me. Instant hardness. It didn’t take me long to take his cock out. It was perfect. Huge, thick, and perfectly curved. I went to absolute town on it. I took his cock in as far as I could. I worked his balls. Finally he shot a load in the back of my throat.

Now it was my turn. I’m vers, so I had a feeling he was gonna be looking for something that would be equally fun for him. He gave me a fantastic blowjob and asked if I had lube. I purposefully brought it downstairs knowing this might happen. He grabbed it and applied a really generous amount to my cock and his ass. He told me to stay as I was, relaxed with my legs off the seat of the couch. He really gently sat on my cock. Slowly at first, working the entire thing into his ass. Then finally he was comfortable enough and went for it. He rode me for about six minutes before I shot a load right into his ass.

Since then, he’s come over at least twice a week, sometimes spending the night. Occasionally I’ll go over there. We play tennis together. We go to the bar together. We’re becoming best friends who also happen to fuck. A lot. I told him if he ever feels romantic feelings to tell me right away and we’ll stop. He’s been super understanding.

My fiance couldn’t be happier. She regularly asks for updates and sometimes pictures. She always asks if I got fucked or did the fucking. Sometimes we have contests to see how many times we can each get off with our same-sex partners. She still always wins, hahaha. A couple days ago she came home early and saw me getting railed while bent over our jacuzzi tub. She waited until Jules came and then she sucked me off.

I’m a lucky, lucky man.

April 19th, 2018

The guy is hotter

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You guys know that I consider myself 100% bisexual.  Some people find it hard to believe but I genuinely enjoying having sex with a guy as much as I love having sex with a girl – both at the same time is obviously better.

I feel that a good looking guy is just as hot as a good looking girl – I can appreciate them both.

In this photos though, I think the guy looks fantastic and if I was forced to choose between the guy or the girl… I’d choose the guys.  Assuming I couldn’t choose both of course.

Sexy Swimsuit Couple

Funny enough, I just realized that the speedos that guy is wearing are similar (not quite the same) as a recent ‘Speedo Photo of the Day‘.

Swimmer in Arena Speedos

Since I’m posting pics of guys and girls, yesterday I posted this photo over on  There is a story to go along with this gorgeous young couples Halloween costumes.  Be sure to leave your feedback if you want me to write more about what they get up to in those speedos.

Speedo Halloween Costume

September 1st, 2016
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