Thong and Nothing Close to a Thong

Finally I think I’m getting back on top of some things, I added 2 new movies to, there is a new Speedo Photo of the Day over there and I have written more about the Married Guy (aka Tony) which is ready to post tomorrow.

It is 3am here so I thought I’d get an early blog post in for Thong Thursday.

This photos is interesting, one guy in a thong, the other guy a complete contrast wearing lots of clothing.  The guy in the thong looks fantastic doesn’t he?  Hopefully his mate with too much clothing on suffered from some positive peer pressure and stripped down after this photo was taken.

Time for bed, will talk to you guys tomorrow with some Married Guy updates.

Thong on the Beach

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samspeedo said,  

Ahhhhh, another lime green thong! I picked up a létiga brand thong, just like this, on a visit to Canada a few years back. It’s 90% polyamide and 10% spandex. As well as feeling totally awesome on, it has a good deep pouch which holds my larger than average bits! It shows a pretty good profile of my equipment as well as holding everything comfortably in place. Like the guy in the photo, it would work well on the beach an near the water but might sag a bit if wet! Still, I think green thong boy and me in my thong could easily play beach soccer together!

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