Bisexual Threesome

The weekend with Will and Natalie went off really well.

Will and Natalie got along great and the three of us fucked like rabbits.

The weekend was more about Natalie having her first threesome and her fantasy of having two guys at once so Will and I didn’t get up to much between us.  Being more of a str8 sexual experience of mine I have posted a bit more about it and some related photos (warning nude women) over on my blog  It is just ike this site.

For those of you who don’t like naked women – yeah I’m talking to you S in Sydney, although your phobia is vaginas – I thought I’d post some white speedo photos since that is what I’m wearing today….

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raulito said,  

No vagina phobia here…I was married to one for 24 yrs. but just like the twink staring at the dude’s ass, I appreciate men more now.
love your blog…great post

Dave Evans said,  


You were married to a cunt? Just because she had one doesn’t mean she has to be one… Hahahaha – just a joke I use all the time.

I also like – just because you have a dick doesn’t mean you have to be one.

Thanks for the kind words.


Joe said,  

Hi There

great blog, certainly speedo’s dont look too good on me 😛
would you like a link exchange with my naked blog? has around 2k visitors per day, if you do let me know and we will do it!

have a great day!

zebra said,  

Great encounter, Dave — loved the moment when Natalie asked if you two guys make out.

What do female visitors to this and your bi site make of it all? Would be great to hear from more commenters…

Dave Evans said,  


I’m not sure how many female visitors I have to this site. I’d love to know. Perhaps I’ll try and run a survey next week.

I am surprised at how many married or were-married guys send me feedback which is awesome. It is a position I can see myself being in one day.


Darren said,  

That guy washing the car is just so awesome, last time you showed it made me want to wank, and this time is no different. I am not sure that I could wear those speedos, but they look great on him. I am convinced the other guy is looking at his ass, but who can blame him.

Will said,  

I agree with raulito and darren, that guy is definately looking at his mates ass, he looks great in those speedos and I guess he would look great out of them as well! I had a wank when I first saw this and I think I need another one now. I could give him a sore ass if the chance came up.

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