Tyler wants to watch

So Tyler touched base with me last night and told me that for his first time he’d love to watch Alex and I and then maybe join in.

I’m pretty sure if his first gay experience is a threesome with Alex and I…. he will not be returning to the str8 side.

Sounds like fun to me but I’m between a little bit of a rock and a hard place.  I’m pretty sure Tyler and Alex know each other but neither of them are sure who the other guy is since Tyler and Alex aren’t their real names.  Both guys are completely in the closet, Alex has a long term girlfriend as well.

So I’m not sure how I tell each of them who each of them are.  Also, I kinda think I need to tell them before they meet for a speedo threesome just incase they don’t like each other.

I’ll figure it out.  And when I do, I might see if Alex can come over for Friday lunch and the three of us can speedo it up, Alex and I can fool around and Tyler can join in for his first man/man/man experience.

Three Fit GuysThree GuysThreesome in White SpeedosThree Speedo Guys

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DeepKisser said,  

Sometimes a threesome you plan never works out the way you expected. I have only been part of a threesome 4 times. Each time I only knew one of the guys. Each time I really enjoyed the new guy better then the one who invited me. So maybe Alex and Tyler will hit it off, and you will be out! Maybe Tim is a safer bet, or fly Kip over quick.

Dave Evans said,  

Deep Kisser,

I thought of Tim for sure, he is a lot more experienced.

My first threesome with Tim was with a friend of his who turned out to be pretty drunk and it wasn’t that great, otherwise I’ve had pretty good threesome experiences.

I hope you have 4 more threesomes Deep Kisser.


vasy said,  

Pic one, i choose the boy on the right and i chose the better place on pic 3…in the middle

Darren said,  

Wow, all those guys in see thru briefs in pic 3 let me join the line up! What great asses in pic 2 just waiting for me to slip into one of them.

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