What is your favourite colour?

Don’t start leaving comments about my spelling guys, in real “English” favourite and colour both have a U….. don’t blame me if you Americans can’t spell – hahaha, I’m just kidding.

Thanks for the positive comments on the last VPL post, one of those pics is me….. can you tell which one?

Now that I have gotten that out of the way…. I wanted to ask you guys, what is your favourite speedo colour?  I definitely go through phases, if I’m just back at the pool I love the plain old black or navy.  Sometimes I love nylon like the classic AussieBums and sometimes I love lycra which is more to do with whether I’m wearing speedos outside or inside the bedroom.

So right now…. my speedo of choice is red lycra.

Here is a link to a post a few weeks ago with a poolside blowjob video….
and the guy is wearing a red, lycra speedo.
Red Speedo Movie

Here is a photo I just took of the 2 pairs of lycra speedos that are currently part of my collection.  At the speedo pool party orgy a few weeks ago (which I really need to write about), I did wear my white AussieBum Coolabah’s to start and since everyone was super horny they were perfect because they are see through and the drawstring has no elastic in them so they pretty much just fell off.  Once the initial group fuck session had died down we all chilled out a bit and I wore the red Arena speedos pictured below.  I love them, they fit great, low on the hips, not too narrow in the hips and I have worn them to the pool lap swimming on occasion.

The AussieBum speedos pictured below are a little different.  Like so many AussieBums they don’t have much room in the front and kind of squish your cock not giving the best package.  There is no drawstring but the waistband seems really heavy duty and the fit is snug.  The day they arrived I had Alex drop over during lunch…. when he walked in I was sitting on the couch, watching the movie above, hard as a rock wearing nothing but those red AussieBum speedos.  Alex walked in, dropped to his knees and started working on my cock.  Nice way to break in a new pair of speedos right?

My Red Speedos

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beerdoc_colorado said,  

its so obvious that the first picture is of our Dave. I like the dark colors. black or navy. I got my idea here to buy a black w/gold stripe from this blog. love it in the hot tub.

darren said,  

Dave, I quite like red as well, but the main thing is they must be low fitting, like the pair on the guy in your previous blog, but without all the hair which is definitely not a turn on. I quite like yellow as they can be semi see thru, so in the right place!

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