What should I call it?

Today I’m working on a new ‘Amateurs’ page on my site SwimmerBoyz.com.

I’m having trouble picking a name for it though.  Which of these do you guys prefer?

  • Amateurs
  • My Mates (although not all of them are actually mates of mine)
  • Real Men

None of those really jump out at me so I’m all ears if anyone has an idea.  I’m sure I can give away membership for a year for the idea that I end up using…

The new page will be a place where I can combine all the amateur movies and photo galleries that I have and also hopefully have more guys submit their own speedo selfies.

Impressive Speedo Collection

8 Users Responded in " What should I call it? "

isisi15151 said,  

“Sin Bin”

bigyny said,  

“Dave’s Amateur Speedo Buddies”

studlydude said,  

Real Studs in Speedos

studlydude said,  

Real Speedo Studs

Dave Evans said,  

Thanks for the ideas guys – hopefully I’ll have this section finished over the weekend (yeah, I don’t get ‘weekends’ off work).


Walt said,  

Joyful Speedo Selfies. Fun Speedo Selfies or just Speedo Selfies

jomo said,  

Street speedos

Eric said,  


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