Gay Dutch Boys

I posted back at the beginning of my trip that I met a German guy and I had never shagged a German guy – this morning though, I can now admit/claim to have shagged a Dutch guy.

Last night Kip and I were out on the town which a few of his friends at his favourite Irish Pub and a friend of a friend of Kips who is a student at one of the Colorado Colleges was up skiing for the weekend.  The ‘Dutch Boy’ and I got along like a house on fire and at the end of the night he took me home to his place…..

WOW!!!!  In bed he was amazing – I once heard (which I can’t confirm) that 50% of Dutch consider themselves as bisexual, and if that is the case then I can definitely recommend society in general being more open minded.

‘Dutch Boy’ was a bit arrogant though but I’ve found that in the few other friends of mine from the Netherlands.  It was a super hot night and ‘Dutch Boy’ has gone back to college.

This isn’t photos of ‘Dutch Boy’ but ‘Dutch Boy’ was blond and was hot (not quite this hot).

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4 comments on “Gay Dutch Boys
  1. Matty says:

    Hot stuff! Don’t know why, but that second pic got me well hard …

  2. Don says:

    How about more details of the action you shared with him? Those pics of the Dutch model are truly breathtaking in that Speedo!

    As for your date’s arrogance, that seems to be a frequent trait of young guys visiting foreign countries. When I lived in Germany, my German friends mentioned that about American guys they had met. Likewise, I’ve met a few young German guys being somewhat arrogant here in the US as well as in other European countries and in Thailand.

    As for many guys being bisexual, growing up in a more liberal society, which doesn’t stigmatize gays like happens in the US or repressive Muslim countries, allows guys to be more open to experimenting and to just having spontaneous fun with another guy, even if they might consider themselves to be straight. I’ve read numerous stories about Czech guys being quite open-minded in that way, which may account for there being so many really hot guys modeling for Bel Ami and other Czech porn producers.

  3. Sam says:

    LOVE europeans. Cam 4 always has a “bicurious” euro guy with a 6 pack, tan and well hung package. Oh to live in Germany…….

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dutch are hot!!!

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