Speedo sex

3 sleeps until Will arrived and the speedo sex begins!!!

I’m started to get excited now – and I mean that literally.  It isn’t 11am yet and I’ve ruined 2 pairs of speedos already from cumming in them.

I’ve been talking to Will on MSN a fair bit and the conversations are getting pretty naughty. It sounds like he is just as horny as I am about having some fun once he gets here on Thursday.  Do any of you guys have any suggestions for some naughty fun?  I was thinking that when he first arrives I could tie him down and tease him for hours before taking him in my mouth.

One thing is for sure – speedos are going to be the main focus for the week.

Speaking of speedos – check out this pics that was posted on the WhiteSpeedos.com forum.

Blue speedo - speedo sex.

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