600th Speedo Photo of the Day

How was your weekend guys?

I’m back feeling good and looking forward to a big week and the sun is out.

I thought I should mention that today is the 600th Speedo Photo of the Day over on my site SwimmerBoyz.com.

This is a part of the site that I added a few years ago and it has been great.

I was wondering who I should make the 600th speedo photo of the day and one guy came to mind…….

Speedo Photo of the Day


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3 Comments on "600th Speedo Photo of the Day"

Let me know what you are thinking.....


Glad you are feeling better. Great choice for the 600th.

Sam Speedo

I’ll second that! Tom Daley is an excellent choice! Yum!


Excellent choice for 600th Photo. How could you go wrong.

Check out SpeedoFetish.com