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After a 2 month hiatus, is back.  It is a blog I started a few years ago where I could post more about my experiences with girls.

I understand that a lot of my readers here aren’t interested in my experiences with girls.  That is a part of me and being able to write and share those experiences is just as important to me as sharing my experiences with guys.

That is why I started years ago.  Earlier this year though Kip and I have been super busy adding more content (movies, photos, model shoots and stories) to my flagship site (thank you everybody who supports that site) and I was having predominantly guy/guy sex so I didn’t have much to write on  I felt I wasn’t giving it the attention its readers deserved so I kinda combined the two.

That went against the reason why I set it up in the first place.

After 2 months I was missing the site, writing it, sharing some stories, some very hot pics and the feedback from some of the readers.  Through I’ve received emails from female fans which doesn’t happen here (no hookups from but lots of hookups from this blog).

Anyways, I just wanted to tell you guys that it is back.  Kip and I spent a few hours yesterday working on a new layout which I like a lot better than the old one.  I took into consideration some of the criticism of the new layout for this blog as well.

Nothing changes over here except there will be less photos of girls in bikinis or Wicked Weasels…..

Speedo CoupleBikini CoupleCouple in Speedo and Bikini

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


This is probably the hottest couple I’ve seen. Guy in speedo, hot! Girl in bikini, hot!


Agree 100%!

John Dee

I like the last picture she’s gorgeous, wish I was the lucky guy with her hot pussy tight against my neck , what a thought hehehe 😉



Welcome back, we missed it. There is a lack of bisexual blogging. You need the put a link for

Check out