Blue Speedos

Today Kip and I are going to do some speedo shopping.  I think I need a pair of blue speedos, any suggestions on what I should get?

Blue Speedo on Beach Classic Blue Speedo

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


The pair in pic 1 look great, I hope the contents you put in will look as good as these do!


Actually, I think the contents in both these speedos looks pretty hot!

I think aussiebum has an ‘azure’ and a ‘royal blue’ speedo in their classic range, 1.5 inches.

It might be the lighting but I think the above pics look a better shade of blue than the ones on aussiebum’s site . . . could be wrong, too!


Blue is basic to any guy’s swimwear collection. There’s blue and then there’s more blue. All shades to be had. I have blue from light blue to dark blue and then we go to navy blue. Take your pick. I love them all and look good on me too


The guy in the bulging blue speedo is very handsome.
He is fit and only fit guys should wear a speedo. Blue matches very well with his beautiful tanned body.

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