Budgy Smugglers

Vegas is over and done with….  I’m writing this post while sitting in the back of my Durango as we drive through Utah (not sure if I’ll be able to publish this until we get into the hotel tonight).

Our plan is to crash somewhere in Utah tonight, then spend tomorrow night in Moab (now that the Government is open again we can visit the nation parks) and be back in Breckenridge on Tuesday.

Whenever I get away or change where I live, I feel motivated.  One project that I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into is my line of DE Swimwear.  I’ve had a great response from guys who wear them, my manufacturer is great to work with and I love wearing them.  I just need to get off my butt, spent the time and the money and get it done.

Another swimwear company, Budgy Smugglers looks to be doing great and I love how much fun they bring to their speedos.  I’ve had one pair of their speedos and they are just a plain lycra that wasn’t the best quality but I love their angle and their enthusiasm.

Speedos and BeerYellow Aussie SpeedoBudgy SmugglersBudgy Smuggler

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


Even if the quality isn’t great, at least the color choices/combinations are!

Dr. Phil

There’s one I’ve not tried yet, I have to say…You’ve stumped me, Dave! 😉

I tend to prefer suits that are a bit more “interesting” in other ways than theirs have tended to be. Oh well…


the second thing I noticed on Pic #1 was the expensive champagne she was liberally pouring over his head(s). but I like the blue with yellow lettering.


For me all these photos are perfect and chosen with taste! I love the undies and the bulges but what excites me even more is what’s hidden beneath it!


Great site Dave. I’ve been trying to sign in to swimmersexuality but I’m still waiting for an ok from the moderator


I quite like budgy smugglers, though I’ve always found their quality ok. They are a bit pricey though.

Check out SpeedoFetish.com