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Naughty Speedo

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Over the last year or so I have seen a few pics of the speedo pictured below, also one with what looks like a popsicle (ice cream).  Does anyone where own one of these speedos?

I don’t think it is something I could really wearing to the pool for lap swimming.

Lickable Speedo

Saying that, today I am going to be brave and for the first time, wear my white Addicted speedos to the pool.  They are well lined so in no way see through (like AussieBums are).

If you see me at the pool, say g’day.

April 11th, 2023

Public Speedo Dare

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I was talking to Kip online this morning early, we do talk pretty much every day on ICQ (it was the chat before Skype or Messenger or Facebook so you know we are crusty old computer nerds), and Kip dared me to speedo it up tomorrow on the beach.  He knows full well that it is super busy and I’ve got mates dropping around all the time because a lot of people have this week off work.

Ow, and my chick neighbors are home as well.

I think I will take Kip up on the bet…. he knows I’ll get him back when I’m in Breckenridge.  I think I should wear a fun speedo like this.

Fun Speedo

And I have just the speedos to wear.  These are my Turbo speedos, right now they fit me absolutely perfectly and I think they are fun enough for me to make a joke of it and get away with it.

OK guys, if you are walking down the beach between Terrigal and Wamberal and see these speedos, say g’day to me.

My Turbo Speedos

December 23rd, 2015

Love These Speedos

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I only really have one pair of ‘funky’/’fun’ speedos, my Turbos which you guys have seen a bunch of pics of (if not click here for an old post with pics of them).

Having a pair of funky speedos has been good as I did wear them to the beach one day when I was hanging out with a bunch of my str8 friends (both guys and girls) and people were able to laugh them off.  I haven’t worn them to the pool yet but I promise I will next week.

Check out this guy in his ‘funky’ speedos.  I think they are great, I’m not a fan of his tattoos but he does look sensational in those speedos.


Interesting SpeedoGay SpeedoColourful SpeedoFun Speedos

July 18th, 2015

Fun speedos

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I’m just about to head off to the pool for some laps with Alex.  I didn’t see him over the weekend but we went for a swim on Monday and he is definitely more chirpy after we had a chat about things on Friday.  Might also be that Alex’s protein levels were low and I helped him out with that – hehehe.

After those horrible speedos last week – (the baby vomit coloured AussieBums), I thought I’d post some fun speedos.

Looks like a few companies lately have been releasing these graffiti/fun speedos which I think is great and hopefully it will get more guys wearing them.  In my current speedo collection I don’t have any fun speedos – I have speedos that I can swim laps in or I have speedos that are only appropriate for the bedroom.  I think I should look into getting some.

I’m not sure who makes those speedos in the first photo, the 2nd photo is a pair of Turbo’s which I really like – they are about $40 and the bottom ones are from 2wink which is an Aussie company but they are $50!!!!  I don’t know about you guys but $50 is getting a little expensive for a pair of speedos.

Which ones would you choose?


Tough Guy in SpeedosFun SpeedosGraffiti Speedos2wink Graffiti Speedo

May 20th, 2014

Budgy Smugglers

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Vegas is over and done with….  I’m writing this post while sitting in the back of my Durango as we drive through Utah (not sure if I’ll be able to publish this until we get into the hotel tonight).

Our plan is to crash somewhere in Utah tonight, then spend tomorrow night in Moab (now that the Government is open again we can visit the nation parks) and be back in Breckenridge on Tuesday.

Whenever I get away or change where I live, I feel motivated.  One project that I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into is my line of DE Swimwear.  I’ve had a great response from guys who wear them, my manufacturer is great to work with and I love wearing them.  I just need to get off my butt, spent the time and the money and get it done.

Another swimwear company, Budgy Smugglers looks to be doing great and I love how much fun they bring to their speedos.  I’ve had one pair of their speedos and they are just a plain lycra that wasn’t the best quality but I love their angle and their enthusiasm.

Speedos and BeerYellow Aussie SpeedoBudgy SmugglersBudgy Smuggler

October 20th, 2013
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