First Anal

I have started writing about 18yo Tom’s first threesome, stay turned for some of the details.  I was wondering though, when was the first time you received anal?  How was it and did you like it?

Gay Butt Sex

Working up to my first anal was pretty slow, I remember masturbating and playing with things in my butt after I sucked cock for the first time.  My attitude was, other people are doing this, maybe it is a turn on.  I was right.  Although occasionally it hurt a little after my orgasm, playing with my arse definitely made me cum quicker and then when I was receiving a blowjob, any touching of my butt hole made me cum quicker as well.

While this was mostly with guys, I did have some girls who were happy to finger my while sucking me off which was awesome.

It was years though before I worked up to taking a cock.

Anal Sex

Story of my First Anal Experience

So, I’d love to hear your stories on your first time taking a cock in the ass….


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Dr. Phil

Has yet to happen for me, alas…I’ve been on the other side of that equation, but not yet the “lowest common denominator,” so to speak…and not for lack of interest, either! Oh well…perhaps it will happen at some point. One can hope! 😉

Dr. Phil

Certainly, but not a huge amount (it’s not my favorite activity, for either the giving or receiving, to be honest). Oh well…

Maybe it’ll happen in 2017…we’re getting fucked in all sorts of other ways at the moment, may as well have it literally happen too so that at least there’s some pleasure in it, eh? 😉


I had been seeing this guy who was a great kisser, and he loved my body. I had only topped previously, but it just seemed pretty natural with him. I was on my back so he could kiss me and we could see each other as he entered me. It filled me up, but I don’t remember it hurting. My ass was a bit sore the next day, but I felt it was something I wanted to share with him. We did several times over several months, then he moved out of state for his job.

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