George Burgess

You guys know I’m one of the worst members of the gay community, I didn’t even know that Anderson Cooper was gay until a little while ago.

I have a funny story about Anderson Cooper, a friend of mine in Denver works for one of the news stations and we were watching the news a couple of weeks ago and one of the presenters is an obviously gay man.  My buddy said this guy was a good guy and one when Anderson Cooper came up this gay guys said “I’ve been inside that man.”  Hahaha – I thought that was funny.

So there is this Aussie Rugby League player called George Burgess, I’ve never heard of him but a few weeks ago, maybe longer, some selfies of himself.  Australian Rugby League players are probably the most stupid of all athletes (generalizing of course) but saying that, if I was as hung as George Burgess maybe I’d be throwing out a bunch of nude selfies as well.

George BurgessGeorge Burgess Self Pics

Guy is hung like a fucking horse!!!

George Burgess Nude Selfies

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


Whew . . . !

Yeah . . . !

All three Burgess boys are kinda cute. I reckon South Sydney scored a trifecta with these brothers.

George is really hot! He’s a bit younger (20?) than Sam. Dunno where you got these lovely photos but they deserve to be seen by all guy-appreciating fellows, eh!

Don’t think we see enough of our sports heroes, naked. Thanks for sharing, Dave! Appreciate it very much!


Mmmm . . . me again!

Just been watching Souths play Manly in Friday Night Rugby League (on Channel 9’s e World of Sports show).

It was a great game but every time I saw George Burgess get the ball and power through tackles etc, all I could think of were the photos you posted here, Dave!

It really got my speedo straining! So much so that I had to rinse it out real good (precum etc, everywhere – lol)

Sadly, George was one of the few players in the dressing room shots after the game who didn’t strip down to his speedos (or at least shorts or jockstrap). That was the only disappointment, of course.

Oh . . . the Rabbitohs did win 22-10 over Manly. George and his horse-hung cock played a crucial role in the victory. His power runs and tackles were inspiring.

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