Speedos with a belt

Kip and my speedo shopping didn’t really come to much yesterday.  I kind of want some new Turbo speedos but they are darn expensive.

I’ve never owned a speedo with a belt or even seen one in the flesh.  How about you guys?

I have seen some cute bikinis with belts though.

Does anyone know who makes this speedo?

Speedos with a belt

Someone posted some pics of these Dietz speedos which looked interesting.  Not sure I could really wear them at the pool for some laps and I’d be interested to see what they did to my speedo tan.  I’ve never owned a pair of Dietz speedos either.

Dietz SwimwearDeitz Speedo

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I am sure what ever blue suit you choose, Kip, and the world will love! I have a pair of Deitz’s solid navy blue swim suit, and it fits great! Love the suit, but it doesn’t have a drawstring so very hesitant in wearing it in water where it could easily come off.

We know you bought Kip a Turbo, so I think you should spoil yourself with your own Turbo, regardless of cost…..you will not regret it! Dude, just do it!

Keep speedoing, cr


The orange speedos with the belt are, I think, Mr Turk, but I can’t find the on the website anymore.


Dr. Phil

I have many speedos with belts, and they’re among my favorites…they are often more pricey, since they are often by higher-fashion designers, but they’re well worth it, in my opinion. They somehow make one feel more formal or dressed up, even if it’s all you’ve got on. 😉


pic one..perfect..the chest and the rest…


And what’s it’s happen if we open the belt…


Seems to me , if you have the body, the belt would just detract from it. Why the fancy suit when you have the body


Mr Turk makes the belted swimsuit. They also come in blue. Amazon.com or 6pm.com sells them at an affordable price. Parke and Ronen also makes several belted swimsuits. Amazon.com or Parkeandronen.com

Check out SpeedoFetish.com