Summer Speedo Vacation

The weekend with the Texan Brunette has been fun – if you’d like to read about the juicy details drop over to where I’ll write about it in more detail.

This morning the Texan Brunette, Kip and myself were all walking around the house wearing speedos and a bikini.  It was fun to have that much flesh all over the house.  There is only a few more weeks of the ‘official’ snowboarding season here and I’m still not quite sure what I’m going to do for summer.  One thing I am sure about though is that I need a summer and won’t return to Aussie for their winter.  As usual I’m open to any ideas guys – I’ve got friends in San Fran which I could do although it isn’t a ‘real’ summer in my mind but maybe Kip and I could just spend a little time down in Mexico and break up mud season.

Speedo Chill Out

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