Anal Sex

I managed to survive yesterday’s pool session with Alex without springing a public boner.

Right now though my cock is about to burst from my speedo with thoughts of what Alex told me yesterday after our swim.

Last night when G (Alex’s girlfriend) sucked me off she was fingering me.  While she was doing it I was thinking/picturing you fucking me Dave.

This entire conversation was going on in the carpark and I wonder what people would have thought if they knew the content of our casual conversation at 1pm on a Wednesday afternoon.

Alex said he’d like to take it slow and I reassured him by telling him we’d start with some toys and move up to my cock.

Sounds pretty good to me.

Not sure when we’ll be able to catch up next though, I promise I’ll keep you guys posted.


4 Users Responded in " Anal Sex "

Spear said,  

Something I said in an earlier post about Alex thinking about Dave while his girlfriend ( Alex’s) was blowing him. Looks like Alex is hooked for more.

Jake said,  

I’ve been reading your posts on and off for a few years now and this is probably the hottest development yet. You’re living every gay (or bi) man’s fantasy. I’m rooting 😉 for you Dave.

Darren said,  

Take it slowly Dave , just like you will when you slide up Alex’s ass.

DeepKisser said,  

Good for Alex. Maybe more than half of anal sex is mental…if you are prepared to do it…If you want it to fit, it will fit. Dave you might need to remind him that it really can’t be decided if you like it until after the 500th time or after. Plus the whole experience is better if you both bottom and top, and kiss.

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