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On New Years Day I awoke to a beautiful view from my kitchen window, it was a masculine, 30yo or so guy, tanning, in nothing but a speedo about 15 paces from my back door (click here to read that post).

That day a couple of things went through my head and one of them was wondering if this guy had read my blog and figure out which house was mine (it does kind of stand out and I have given enough hints about it since I moved in).  I intentionally didn’t mention the type of speedos the guy was wearing as a little bit of a test if anyone claimed to be him.

Turns out I was right.

The guy is from Sydney and his parents have a home up on the coast and on New Years morning everyone in his house was hungover so he came to the beach and thought he knew which house was mine.

Unfortunately, that day I had a mate come around and we watched the cricket so I couldn’t go down and introduce myself.

So the Blog Fan is coming up to the coast this week and is keen to catch up.

He was gorgeous. A real man, a little older than me but looked great in his speedos and I think it could be fun.

AussieBum AthleteBlue SpeedoBlue Speedo Man

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beerdoc_colorado said,  

this is so cool. I hope you are excited. and maybe he looks like pix #1 🙂 at least you have another speedo bud to chat with And walk down the beach with!

samspeedo said,  

Yeah! Sounds like hings are working out well there on the coast!

Personally, I’m hoping he’s a bit like #3 . . . love the glistening arms and pecs . . . always was a bit of a sucker for an oiled-up, muscled guy in a tight speedo!

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