Caught Wearing Speedos

I got caught wearing speedos which was a slightly weird conversation with Surfer Chick.

It happened yesterday afternoon, she dropped by after work which was a little crazy, she normally calls, I don’t lock the front door so she just walked in, imagine if I had been fucking Alex again?

As it turned out I was just wearing jeans with my red Arena speedos under them.  Surfer Chick was pretty frisky so she undid my jeans and saw my red speedos.  She was a little weirded out by it which I thought was odd.  She knows I swim in speedos, she came to the pool once with Alex and I, she knows I wear speedos under my dork shorts and under my wet suit when I got surfing.

Everything was OK but I could tell she was a little strange, it might have something to do with Alex’s breakup which I’m still not sure I’m going to share in this public forum.  I guess I will find out.

Me on the other hand, I think a girl wearing a Wicked Weasel under her jeans is a super turn on, or if I pick up a guy, get him home and find out he is wearing a speedo that is amazing.

Red Speedos Under my JeansBlue Speedo Under my Shorts

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spear said,  

Sounds like surfer chick thinks your house is hers up to a point. Be better if she’d call first. Or hang a sign on the front door, “busy fucking, come back later”

Swimmer Biker said,  

A thousand questions…can you feed us any info like…Does Surfer Chick even know you are Bi ? I guess she does not know you run this site…what does she think you do?. Do you think Alex’s issue is because his girl friend found out he was Bi?….Aren’t the two women friends and talk…

Swimmer Biker said,  

PS — What if you bought Surfer Chick a Wicked Weasel ?

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