Crazy Busy Week

I can’t believe how crazy busy this week has been.

I’ve been working with Kip on a project that he has been working on for a while and it has been a 60 or 70 hour week at least.  Kip’s project is pretty cool, I think you guys will like it and we might get it published later today.  Once it is online I’ll let you guys know all about it.

One thing I have been meaning to tell you guys, I have another speedo give away this month.  It is a pair of swimwear from Mensuas (check out their site – you will have to copy/paste that address).

The story behind these guys is they emailed me asking if I’d mention their swimwear company on this blog.  They offered me some free speedos.  But, I thought it would be much better if I offered the speedos to you guys, my fans and members.  So that is what we do now, each month they give away at least one pair of speedos/swimwear to a member.  You guys know I love you right?  Hahaha.

This month, the lucky winner can choose from any of the following brands on their store.  Yes choose anything from any of these brands:

  • Cover Male
  • Good Devil
  • Intymen
  • Miami Jock
  • Agacio
  • Otzi
  • Daniel Alexander
  • Edipous
  • Mensuas
  • Skiviez
  • Kyle

OK, well I better get back to some testing for Kip’s project.  I might post again later today, I’ll probably decide the winner of the free speedos later today as well so if you’ve been thinking about joining, today might be the day.

I’ll leave you guys with some speedo eye candy….  Check it out, these four photos are each taken from different angles but they all look super hot!!!

Waterpolo SwimmerBlue Andrew Christian Swim BriefSix Pack ViewPool Speedo

…and now that I’ve just got an eye full of speedo eye candy I might have to see if Alex is around later today 😉 😉

3 Users Responded in " Crazy Busy Week "

Dr. Phil said,  

Great photos, great angles, great guys, and great speedos–who could ask for more, Dave! 😉

I could: a contest where one wins one of these guys! (As if such a thing could be practical…!?!)

Dave Evans said,  

Dr. Phil,

Sounds like a great idea for a contest… but the contestants should have to put something up as well.

Any thoughts?


Dr. Phil said,  

I believe a contest like the one you’re suggesting already exists: isn’t it called Grindr? 😉

Nonetheless, it’s an intriguing idea, but I tend to be an ideas person rather than one who can see things through to the end, unfortunately (which is probably why I have so many unfinished projects!).

If you got a hot guy to volunteer as “prize,” and then those who enter have to follow certain rules, and post certain things about themselves…and then what? People vote on who they’d like to see get together with the “prize,” or they’re chosen randomly, or the prize gentleman gets to choose? I don’t know…like I said, the practicalities are tough…

It might be worth asking folks about more widely, though.

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