Ex Sex

I wonder how many of you guys have had ex-sex, sex with an ex girlfriend or boyfriend.

Over the weekend I ran into Surfer Chick.  For those of you who are new to be blog, Surfer Chick was a friend of Alex’s ex-girlfriend and we kinda dated we were kind of fuck buddies but nothing ever got too serious.  She kind of dropped out of the picture when Alex’s girlfriend found his Grindr profile and I know that Surfer Chick was kind of weirded out by my rather extensive speedo collection.

On Sunday afternoon I ran into Surfer Chick, it was OK, we never had a fight or anything and she did look pretty good.

I’m pretty sure if she offered I’d bang her.  I have banged some ex-girlfriends in the past and I personally have been a fan.  Everyone knows what everyone else likes and I’ve been able to separate the physical act to any emotions.

Anyway, I didn’t get any over the weekend so Alex is knocking off work early today and coming over for a ‘surf’ and a ‘suck’.

Couple in Speedos

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darren said,  

Are the guys here wearing pants or speedos. Whatever they are I am not sure I would wear them, although the guys wearing them may be ok!

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