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I still have nearly 2 weeks in Colorado and it has been great to have a change and think about a few things. The last post was a result of me thinking about having a serious crack and getting uber fit again and maybe getting back into some marathon running or triathlons.

This post, again sitting here thinking about some things I normally don’t get to think about, is about mens underwear.  I did a stocktake this afternoon and I have 3 pairs of underwear.  Obviously, I wear speedos A LOT!!!!

I’m thinking maybe I should add some underwear to my ‘speedo filled underwear draw’.  I’ve always been a fan of the big name mens underwear lines, Calvin Klein have some really nice material and it isn’t as expensive as all the niche gay underwear brands.

Maybe or maybe just stick to speedos?

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Frost said,  

Oh Dave, where to begin. I can appreciate your speedo fetish, because I totally have an underwear fetish…although I do like speedos too. Calvins, Aussiebum, Pikante, Cin-2, 2(X)ist and Pape just to name a few. I must have 75 pairs. I feel bad for my friends that wear $4 hanes or fruit of the loom underwear. They have no idea how great pair of underwear is supposed to feel (I prefer low rise briefs). My wife really digs that I have such a range of colors and styles. Since I sleep in only in my undies, comfort is a must.

Well, I suggest you start with the Aussiebum Bamboo and Titanium lines. Bamboo feels like you’re wearing a snug speedo and Titanium is super soft and yet still supportive.

I say you can have the best of both worlds. Awesome undies and speedos. Good luck!

PS> I’ve become disenchanted with Calvin lately. It seems like they always stitch the pouch so that you must “point” down. Otherwise it looks saggy. Not a sexy look.

Anonymous said,  

arena and speedos ftw…
wear them while you have the body and vigor!

Anonymous said,  

Where did you get these images?

The model’s underwear is sexy.

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