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Mens Underwear

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I still have nearly 2 weeks in Colorado and it has been great to have a change and think about a few things. The last post was a result of me thinking about having a serious crack and getting uber fit again and maybe getting back into some marathon running or triathlons.

This post, again sitting here thinking about some things I normally don’t get to think about, is about mens underwear.  I did a stocktake this afternoon and I have 3 pairs of underwear.  Obviously, I wear speedos A LOT!!!!

I’m thinking maybe I should add some underwear to my ‘speedo filled underwear draw’.  I’ve always been a fan of the big name mens underwear lines, Calvin Klein have some really nice material and it isn’t as expensive as all the niche gay underwear brands.

Maybe or maybe just stick to speedos?

February 16th, 2010

AussieBum Underwear

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Busy as all hell today – working on server changeover with Kip and working on about 6hrs of sleep over the last 3 days.  Everything is going smoothly though but work that just has to be done.

Enjoy this cutie wearing AussieBum underwear.

January 22nd, 2010

New AussieBums

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Two weeks ago I got my new AussieBum’s – I’m not sure how I forgot to tell you guys as I’ve been wearing them pretty much constantly since I got them.

One of the pairs I got was a black jockstrap – I had one of these a while back (my first ever jockstrap) but I’m not sure where it got to so I thought I’d grab another one.

Unfortunately, I don’t fill it out quite as well as this guy but I love wearing it…. now all I need is for someone to order me onto my all-fours and use that design benefit of a jockstrap to fuck me with my underwear still on.

Happy thoughts…..

June 30th, 2009
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