My 2nd Taste of the Orient

Last nights Grindr mission turned out fantastic.  Kip and I started talking to two guy were were on vacation and staying just around the corner.  Turns out that the two guys have been talking to each other about catching up but neither could host so it worked out perfectly.

Neither of the guys had speedos but both were speedo friendly and since one of the guys was Asian American, he was excited to wear my white Arena speedos (pictured below).  They are a little bit too small for Kip or myself but they looked awesome on this guy.

White Arena Brief

This was only the 2nd time I’ve had some fun with an Asian guy (read the post about when I got my Asian wings) and just like the first time it was pretty hot!!!

The four of us kicked things off by having a few drinks in the hottub.  All four of us wearing speedos of course.  It didn’t take too long before hands started finding speedo bulges.

Some cock sucking ensued but since it was freezing cold it was a little tough to sit on the side of the hottub for too long so we moved things inside.  The four of us crammed into the master shower, which isn’t big enough for four people and then the four of us made it to Kip’s bed.

Knowing that it is Kip’s house and how much he loves being plowed by multiple guys the three of us took turns at fucking him at some point during the session.

It was pretty hot the four of us naked in Kip’s bed.

The Asian guy is heading back home today but the other guy is around for the entire week so I’m sure this won’t be the last speedo session for us.

Hot Asian Speedo
Asian Guy in Speedos
Gay Asian Guy

And why not some Asian hentai to finish this post off.  I’m still not sure how I feel about cartoon porn…

Hentai Speedo Porn

2 Users Responded in " My 2nd Taste of the Orient "

beerdoc_colorado said,  

I bet they looked good! plenty of exposed cheeks. Poor Kip, it will be tough to sit down today. At least the Broncos won so he could stand and cheer! Perhaps a long ride on the slopes will make him feel better.

Paul said,  

I love the suits in photos 2 and 3 (as well as who’s in them). Anyone have an idea as to who the manufacturers are and what style/model they are? Thanks in advance.

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