Productive Weekend

I’m sure you all understand that some weekends are not very productive, partying, socializing, being hung over but sometimes there are productive weekends which I’ve just had…..

Got a bunch of work done, didn’t socialize too much, didn’t party or drink and surfed each day.  Now I’m up early on a Monday morning and ready to tackle the week.  This week is going to be fun.

First up, tomorrow I’m going to auction off my speedo collection…. the first part of the auction will only be available to blog members and members but I’ll open it up after I give those guys the first choice – you know you can join for $5 right?

Check out this gallery that I added to the members area of the blog – this was a photo shoot for a gay waterpolo club in Sydney that my friend Brenton Parry arranged a photo shoot for.  I’ve never played waterpolo myself but hanging around a bunch of fit guys who wear speedos…. I think I’d like it.

Aussie Waterpolo Team

Gay Sydney Waterpolo Team in their Speedos

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