Speedo Friendly Lake Powell

My trip to Lake Powell for a bucks/bachelor weekend was fantastic!!!

Lake Powell is part of a hydro/irrigation scheme on the Colorado River and it is down in Utah/Arizona.  I’ve never been down that way and the scenery was just awesome, the weather was perfect and I couldn’t believe the water – fresh water that was clean and warm…. beats salt water any day.

The boat was speedo friendly and Kip and I weren’t the only ones to wear speedos pretty much the entire time.

Here are the speedos that I took with me: my black nylon Corka’s, my Aussie flag Turbos, my black ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos and my red Arena speedos.  The photos below are near where we tied the boat up…. I’m wearing the red Arena’s at the time.

I have a bunch of photos from the trip, in the interests of privacy for me and the other guys, I will only be publishing those photos behind the members area.  Also, there was a guy that joined Kip and I in our bedroom most nights.  He loved speedos and he just sent me a bunch of speedo selfies of his which I’ll be sharing with you guys tomorrow.

OK, I’ve gotta fly.  I’ve just added 6 new movies to SpeedoFetish.com and have some member emails to get back to.  Will talk more tomorrow.

Lake Powell SpeedosSpeedos on Lake Powell

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beerdoc_colorado said,  

I figured you wouldn’t be the only guy in speedos. Did you also realize that was the same liquid you boarded on in breck ? was it hot weather? its hot here.

Dave Evans said,  

Beer Doc,

I was aware that it is the same water that flows just by Kip’s place on the Blue River (which flows into the Colorado River).

It was hot but not Aussie hot – no humidity and in the shade it was just perfect.

The water was amazing though.


Dr. Phil said,  

So, I’m guessing the situation was: you hiked up the mesa with Kip and Jason, and then when you got to that spot you said, “Right, lads, off with ’em,” stood there naked while you took photos of the speedos, and then got up to what else you did up there? (And even if that wasn’t how it went, nonetheless, let someone have their fantasy!) 😉

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