Speedo Bondage Story

A couple of weeks ago I offered any readers of the blog free membership to my site – SpeedoFetish.com – if they sent me through an erotic story which I could put up here.

This is the first story that was submitted to me. It was sent in by Tommo


. I talk to Tommo a fair bit on online chat and he is an Aussie guy living in Rome. So if any of you guys out there are going via Rome and want some speedo fun drop Tommo a line.

Here are a couple of pics of Tommo in his Aussiebums.

Aussie guy wearing his AussieBums
Hot speedo pics.

A hot speedo fantasy lived out.

I was to be leaving for overseas for quite some time and have a few mates I chat to online who are way into speedos like I am. I have over 90 different pairs and love wearing them everyday for swimming and as underwear. I have always been into them after having been in surf club as a junior, played rugby league and wore speedos and footy shorts as much as I could. I have heaps of different brands and colours.

One of my online chat buddies wanted to meet up before I left. We had met online over a year ago and he would put on some hot cam shows for me in his different speedos and we would also do phone sex in our speedos. We swapped cummed speedos back and forth. It was hot wearing someone else’s stained speedos, blowing in them and sending them back. As I lived some distance from him, we had never been able to meet. This was pretty horny though as we would have hot phone and cyber sex coming up with different situations to play out if we did ever get together.

I was going to be in his town before I was leaving for overseas and so we organized that I would come over to his place. However, I gave strict instructions on how this was to happen. He gave me the address and I asked him to wear his red eyeline speedos which look hot on him. He has a hot 7.5 inch cut cock and when it bulges, looks awesome stretching the speedos out. I told him that I wanted him lying on the lounge with other speedos spread out all around him and over him with his Roosters league speedos over his face. We got so horny talking about this online that we had to jack off in our speedos which I kept especially for our meeting but didn’t tell him.

Next day, I sent him a text as I got to his building so he would let me into his building and then went up to his floor. We had organized that he would leave the front door ajar so I could slip in. I had a few different speedos with me and was wearing purple loose aussiebums under white dragons footy shorts, nike runners and blue bike lycra top. I was feeling so horny as I got to his front door and found it was ajar. I went in quietly as I did not want him to know for sure if I was in the apartment. The place was dim lit and I wandered up the hallway and got to the lounge room and sure enough there was my hot mate lying on the lounge in his red eyeline’s already sporting a boner. He had like 30 speedos all around and on the floor and over his face so he couldn’t see me was his rooster’s speedos. We had decided not to say anything to each other but he didn’t know I had some surprises in store for him. My mate is mid 20s and plays a lot of sports and so his body is well toned.

I moved over to the lounge and was already hard myself looking at this hot dude in his red speedos. He must have guessed I was there as he started to play with himself through his speedos. Looking at the bulge, his cock was way fatter than the times I had seen it on cam and I so wanted to suck on it but had to take my time. I lightly with my fingers touched his cock… ever so lightly through the eyelines and he moved his hips up in response. His drawstring was out side and dangling over his cock. I pressed harder with my fingers add then rubbed his chest which had about 5 different speedos on it: aussiebums, speedo, nike, addidas and it felt so good rubbing his nipples thru the lycra. His cock was straining so bad to get out and as I was standing there feeling his cock through his eyelines, his hand came up and started to feel mine thru my footyshorts. He rubbed me through my shorts and then I guided his hand to wander up under the leg of my shorts to feel my aussiebums underneath. Fuck it felt good and I was so horny, my cock was at full mast and my balls were tingling at his touch. It was just as hot as I had hoped it would be. But I had a little surprise for him. I moved away from him and told him to stay still, pulled the cummed speedos out of my bag and some rope.

I lifted his hands over his head and tied his wrists together and linked the end of the rope around the base of the lounge so that he could not get free. I took the cummed speedos and shoved them in his mouth and wrapped the Roosters speedos over his head and tied the drawstring round his neck. I knew my mate was getting hornier at all this. I then moved down to suck his cock thru his red eyelines. It tasted so awesome through the nylon and it nearly made me explode just tasting his cock for the first time. I licked up and down his shaft and down to his balls which moved round with my tongue through the nylon. This was speedo play at its best. I pushed my hand under his butt as I knew he liked his hole being played with through his speedos and he started moaning so much.

I knew that he could taste the cum on my speedos that were in his mouth and my sucking his cock thru his speedos was turning him on big time. I undid the drawstring and his cock popped out of his eyelines and so I tasted his big piece of meat circling his cock head with my tongue and feeling his butt through the eyelines. I opened my mouth and took his cock all the way loving every taste of it and started sucking. Fuck it was hot to have this hot dude tied up and sucking his cock. I couldn’t get enough of it and could feel the pressure building up in him and knew he was not far off from blowing. I wanted to make him wait so I stopped sucking to tease him and not let him blow. I did this a few times getting him to near climax and then stopping. My cock was so rock hard and I had my hand in my speedos jacking as I was sucking him off.

But I wanted to be fucked by him so pulled his speedos down to his balls and slid mine across, put a rubber on his cock and lubed him up. He could not see what was going on but could definitely feel it. I wanted that hot cock inside me. I changed into an older pair of speedos that had a hole in the butt and got on top of him as he was lying on the lounge and lowered myself onto his cock. Fuck it felt so good feeling his cock go inside of me and looking at him speedo gagged and bound. I just pushed down on his hot cock and it slid further and further into me and I could feel my speedos on his cock. He started moving his hips up and down started pumping his cock in my ass and I worked with his rhythm. It felt so fuckin good and I was jacking my cock in my speedos at the same time. We went on like for about 10 minutes and then I could feel us both going to explode. I got off his cock, took the rubber off and continued to jack his cock grabbing a pair of my speedos for him to blow in. When he came he so jerked up and his cum flew. I was horny at this and standing over him I jacked my cock off out the side of my speedos and came over his face. It was so fucking awesome.

I wiped myself up with a pair of his speedos which I left on his chest and then untied his wrists from the lounge but left them loosely tied so he could get out of them when he wanted and left my cummed pair of speedos in his mouth and left. Was one of the hottest nights I have had and played out a fantasy of mine at last.

The end.

3 Users Responded in " Speedo Bondage Story "

Kwko said,  

just thought i’d say what a great site, and the pictures and story that were just published were amazing. cant wait to hear more.

Speedydingo said,  

Wow, even 15 yrs later this is a hot story. I hope Tommo still plays around in his speedos

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