Speedos in the Mountains

Kip and I were trying to decide which speedos to take on our snowboarding trip and we both came to the consensus that we should just take them ALL.  That way we can share with our hosts as well to make sure everyone has a ‘speedo option’ when it comes to the hottub.

Check out this speedo photo shoot in a beautiful mountain setting.  I’m not a huge fan of all the tattoos but what a spot!!!  Does anyone know where it is?  If I get my DE Swimwear line off the ground organising photos shoots in locations like this would be amazing.  Although my photo shoots with probably be a little more x-rated.

Beautiful Speedo LocationSpeedos in the mountainsBeautiful SpeedosSpeedo Model Shoot

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Eric Rex said,  

I agree so much about the tattoos, but a great bod all in all. In a speedo, too, what more could you want?

I really like reading about your life, and now Kip’s visit. Thanks for sharing all that. You always have such great pics too.

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beerdoc_colorado said,  

my first thought was Lake Louise, cause of the color of the lake water. But wherever it is a great location for a shoot. I like pic #1 and the sunglasses. and pic #3 is a close second.

Sam Speedo said,  

Yeah . . . could be Lake Louise in spring. Beautiful setting with amazing walking tracks for trekking along (great tea house half way up as well!)

Like you, Dave, I’m not that keen on all the tatts. Still, the body and the speedo in #1 is awesome! The tan is kinda nice as well.

Don’t mind #3 either . . . do I detect a developing hardon in the pic or is it just a very tight speedo?

camillus said,  

FYI: little off topic, but I was watching this weeks edition of Hotel Hell with Gordon Ramsey, they showed a pre-view of next week show, he was seen out by the pool in a Blue Speedo, it shows on Monday 9am Eastern time in the United states. FYI only

Snowman said,  

Was just at Lake Louise – looks sililar but look at the church in the 2nd pic. Not Caqnada – think this is Austria, Switzerland or Germany Alps.

Dave Evans said,  

Looks similar to Lake Louise but it isn’t. I stayed there a few years back and it is a beautiful spot alright.

This place looks European to me.


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