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AussieBums at the Pool

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This week I noticed two different guys wearing AussieBum speedos at the pool which was pretty cool.

Is AussieBum that much of a gay brand that I should assume these guys are gay or not?  I know when they started Sean (AussieBum Founder) tried to distance himself from the ‘gay’ side of speedos.  He hasn’t supported any online gay speedo stuff.  Since he started trying to get into the surf life saving clubs I can understand him taking that view.

Dave Evans Swimwear is definitely embracing gay guys wearing briefs.

Alex hasn’t been able to make it to the pool this week unfortunately but the Surfer Chick saw a pair of my AussieBums in the shower yesterday and commented on them.  Turns out she swam in high school and is keen to come to the pool.  Alex and Surfer Chick in lycra….. I’ve died and gone to heaven.

Here are some hot AussieBum guys for you to feast your eyes on.  I’ve never seen these white AussieBums in the first photo, they look amazing!!!

White AussieBumAussieBum ModelBlue AussieBum Speedos

June 30th, 2015

Speedos, Boats and Beautiful Bodies

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It nearly feels like boating weather here in Colorado today – the forecast is for the temp to reach 40F (4C) today which is really warm for February.  I thought the guys in yesterday post were pretty cute so I found some more pics of guys on boats, in their speedos of course.

I think that Sean Ashby (owner of AussieBum) has a fancy boat on Sydney Harbour – ow lordy what kind of trouble I would get into if I had that boat.

Nothing much happening here again today.  Kip and I went for a 2hr snowboard this morning and are back working hard.  I weighed myself this morning and I lost about 5kgs last month – whoohooo!!!!  I didn’t do anything terribly different but you can’t avoid an active life up here in the mountains.  With my considerable speedo collection I have speedos that are a little too large and a little too small so this afternoon I might go and try on some of the speedos that I thought were a little tight for daily wear… maybe 5kgs lighter will make the difference.

Have a good day guys!!!

Speedo BoatingSpeedo BoatBoating in SpeedosBoat SpeedosBoat SpeedoBoat Speedo

February 5th, 2013
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