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While I haven’t been short of ‘naughty’ action lately, I have been hanging out with the Married Guy a bit it has been months and months since I last topped.

The Married Guy doesn’t seem to keen on being fucked which is fine because I enjoy being the bottom but sometimes I get a craving for being the ‘giver’.  Maybe that will be my goal this week…. I’m going to update my Grindr profile and see what I can get up into.

Could also be seeing these guys and their butts looking so amazing in their speedos that has added to my craving…..

Tastey ButtTastey Bum

And look at this swimmers butt – OMG!!!

Tastey Arse

October 30th, 2017

Speedo Boating

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Living on the beach has definitely had an impact on my sex life.  It is a crappy old house that I live in but being right on the beach is amazing.  Now a bigger house with a pool would be great but all of you guys would have to join my site and I still might need a sugar daddy to afford it.

I’ve never owned a boat but I’m pretty sure if I had a boat….. my sex life would improve even more.  I think Sean who owns AussieBum has a big fancy boat down in Sydney and I can only imagine what he gets up to on it.

If I did have a boat, it would be ‘speedo only’ of course.

Boating in SpeedosSpeedo BoatingSpeedo Boat

June 4th, 2015
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