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Last night I was a give’r (a give’him)

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Last night I had the house to myself.  Kip (my server admin) and his sister (my new girlfriend) were down in Denver.  I’ll explain more about Kip and his crew in some future blog posts but they knew/assumed I’d be up to naughtiness.

I have a gorgeous townhouse in Breckenridge and a private hottub….. what do you think I’m going to do?

I turn on Grindr….. this is my profile photo.

You can’t see it?  It is because you aren’t a member.  I share a lot of things with you guys, if you really want the goodies, you need to be a member.  Click to join now and then you get to stop hearing me tell you that you’d see more.

Want the juicy details about last night…. ow yeah…. sorry gotta keep those goodies for members.

AussieBum FuckSpeedo Anal

February 19th, 2020


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While I haven’t been short of ‘naughty’ action lately, I have been hanging out with the Married Guy a bit it has been months and months since I last topped.

The Married Guy doesn’t seem to keen on being fucked which is fine because I enjoy being the bottom but sometimes I get a craving for being the ‘giver’.  Maybe that will be my goal this week…. I’m going to update my Grindr profile and see what I can get up into.

Could also be seeing these guys and their butts looking so amazing in their speedos that has added to my craving…..

Tastey ButtTastey Bum

And look at this swimmers butt – OMG!!!

Tastey Arse

October 30th, 2017


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Last nights threesome worked out great!!!

Kip and I were super horny, our ring in was hot and just as horny as we were.  The three of us got along well.

Our extra wheel was a top and Kip prefers being a top which meant that my arse got slammed.  I think I was fucked four times between those two and I’m feeling it a bit today.

I’d love to know how many times you’ve been fucked in one evening?  Perhaps that should be a record I should look into.

February 21st, 2011
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