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Policemen Fuck Me in Hotel Quarantine

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Over the last few weeks I have been tossing up where or not I share the experience in hotel quarantine.  Of course, I protect the anonymity of the people I write about (unless they want me to share their identity) and I didn’t do anything wrong.  Melbourne had a second wave of covid because the security guards were having sex with the quarantinees so they decided to use police as security instead.  I don’t think it has made any difference.

This is not a piece of fiction and if I am vague in any parts of this it is because I want to protect the anonymity of everyone involved.

I was biting the pillow because it hurt, but it was a good hurt.  If I hadn’t sucked his cock at the beginning of his shift, the cop that was fucking me bareback wouldn’t be taking so long.

Anal Sex with a Police Officer

On my knees in the middle of the bed, I was wearing an AussieBum jockstrap and I was handcuffed.  Not the novelty handcuffs I bought from the online adult store, these were Constable Ryan’s real handcuffs and I wasn’t getting out of them until he let me.  With my hands handcuffed behind my back, I really had no control and was completely at his whim.  His moaning got louder, he was getting close.

With a grunt he buried his cock deep inside me and came.   A minute later, still sucking in deep breaths, he slapped my arse in conquest and slowly withdrew his man meat.

I collapsed on my stomach, my erection causing a little discomfort.  Constable Ryan wouldn’t offer me any relief in that regard but hopefully Constable Peters, whose shift was about to begin would.

Behind my back I could hear Constable Ryan getting dressed.  He told me he’d see me tomorrow morning and started heading towards the door.  I asked him about the handcuffs.  He dismissed my question, telling me Peters would be by soon and he could deal with the handcuffs.  Then he was gone.

This had been going on for ten days straight, from my first day in hotel quarantine.

Just before Xmas, I got caught in the ever changing state border closure shenanigans here in Australia.  In order to get back home, I had to spend fourteen days in hotel quarantine.  I knew it was coming and had no choice in the matter. I can run my speedo fetish websites from anywhere and I had my laptop.  I had also packed a few bottles of bourbon, some sex toys and a bunch of speedos.  I figured maybe I’d chat with some of my members online while I pleasure myself.  Not in my wildest fantasies could I have ever imagined that my time in hotel quarantine would be a complete fuck fest.

Police Speedo

It started on my first afternoon in the hotel.

From the airport, I was loaded on to a bus and taken to the quarantine hotel, I was marched up to my room, given a lunch packet and that was pretty much it.  I guess it is the same in prison right?

On that first day I did a few hours work, had a couple of alcoholic drinks and after editing up a new speedo porn movie I was horny.  Getting horny while working is one of my occupational hazards. The speedo porn I had been working on featured a guy getting his arse slammed by two guys and it made me feel like some anal pleasure as well, so I went to my suitcase, grabbed my butt plug and some lube.  I was wearing a pair of black lycra speedos and instead of taking them off, I pulled them aside and slide the butt plug in, all the way in. I then setup my laptop in the middle of the bed, playing that porn movie I had been working on, I turned up the volume on my blue tooth headphones and got on my knees enjoying the video.

I wanted it to last so I was just rubbing my cock through the lycra and my left hand was playing with the butt plug.

It was probably around the ten minute point in the video when I felt a tap on my right shoulder. I just about died with fright, if I didn’t have a butt plug in, I would have crapped myself (yes, I can joke about it now). I jumped back on the bed, knocked my laptop off the bed and I was trying to cover my erection and get my ear buds out. Then I looked up to see a cop standing there beside the bed.

Looking back I didn’t need to be as submissive as I was but with a cop standing there, I felt like I had been caught doing something wrong.

Constable Ryan knew he had the upper hand.  He made me stand up in front of him which was incredibly embarrassing to start with.  My cock was straining the front of my black speedo and there was no hiding the fact that I had a butt plug inside me.  He was talking all tough and trying to scare me and eventually he asked me if instead of the butt plug, would I like the real thing?

Of course I did.

He man handled me over to the little office table and bend me over.  He just ripped my speedos down and I was surprised when he slid the butt plug out slowly instead of just yanking it out.  Leaning on the table with both of hands, I heard him undoing his pants, the zipper and then I felt him playing with his cock in my arse crack. He was already pretty hard and I was lubed up from the butt plug.  He was polite enough to ask me if I was ready and then I felt him enter me.

I am good regarding safe sex but since I didn’t expect to have any sex in hotel quarantine I didn’t have any condoms with me and I am not sure Constable Ryan would have taken no for an answer.

It did feel good.  Rough, but not violently so.  It wasn’t long until Constable Ryan approached his orgasm and came inside me.

That is all I’m going to share with non-members for now.  I might share a little more later in the week.  If you’d like to join, it is only $5 and you get instant access and you won’t see messages like this anymore.  Click here to become a member.

February 23rd, 2021
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