Speedo Boys… the Movie

This movie was released a few years ago after the Hawaii Speedo Student got caught jerking off in the lecture theatre at the University of Hawaii….

It is one of my Go-To movies when I’m horny and want some speedo porn.

I purchased the rights to be able to be able to share it with my members and it has been available on my site SpeedoFetish.com for a while.

Since there are a bunch of new members here on my blog, I thought I’d share it with you guys as well.

There are three scenes (1hr and 37minutes) and 45 minutes of extras/behind the scenes and for members, I’m going to share with you one scene a week for the next four weeks. Membership is only $5… that is pretty good I think!!!

Speedo BoysSpeedo Boys Movie

You aren’t a member?  C’mon, stop being a tight arse? I had to pay for the rights to this movie, host it, employ a server admin to keep it all running and all of my time working on this. Do you see any of this shitty popups or asking for your email address?  NO.

Here is a snippit of the first scene.  When you want some more, click here and become a member.

4 Users Responded in " Speedo Boys… the Movie "

Mick said,  

Some of the hottest speedo porn eva!

tommygunzz said,  

This movie is widely available on many free websites.


Tommy Gunzz,

There is lots of free porn out there mate. I’m sure this video is as well.

At least here, there are no pop-ups, it is in HD, and I’ll even share with you Hawaii Speedo Students personal Twitter and Instagram accounts.

And, SpeedoFetish.com has over 100 hours of HD speedo video. You’d waste more than 100 hours trying to find that.

But, I understand where you are coming from.


joshbloggs61469300 said,  

…..all that free content Tommy came from someone paying for it somewhere.

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