Continued from yesterdays post…..

Well the scenario quickly turned sexual – Mark put on some porn (was str8 porn of his Dad’s). The three of us got hard which was pretty hard to hide since we were only wearing speedos. Not that any of us wanted to hide it. I was rubbing my cock through my red speedos and once I started the trend Mark (in his black speedos with our school name on the back) and Michael in his navy speedos started rubbing their now hard cocks too.

This lasted about 3 minutes with us wanting to watch each other but being a little no nervous to. Michael then suggested that we compare dick sizes. Michael was hung like a horse and Marks cock was a little bigger than mine. But…. anticipating that the overnight stay at Marks might turn sexual I had shaved my cock and balls the day before. When I pulled my speedos down to reveal my ‘bald eagle’ both guys were very impressed.

Although my cock was the smallest (not by a lot and don’t worry I don’t have a complex about it) it definitely punched above its weight being shaved. With out cocks still out Michael was holding Marks cock and asked him if he’d mind if he sucked him a bit.

Mark remained standing and Michael dropped to his knees. I sat back down on the couch and tucked my cock into my speedos and enjoyed the show being put on.

Well – I’m going for a run guys so I’m going to leave it here. And I think it is fun to tease you.

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