Friday night with Alex

Friday night with Alex was amazing!!!

It was like a usual Friday night around here, the guys came over to watch footy and have a few drinks.  Then we ended up at the pub.  On the way home Alex and I grabbed a kebab before walking along the beach back to my place.

That is where the ‘usual’ Friday night ended.

Turns out Alex has a huge speedo fetish, which explains why he reads this blog and even joined my site,, a few years ago.  However, Alex has never had a guy/guy experience…. until Friday night that is.

I’ve written about Friday night in detail but I’m going to keep this for the members of for the time being.  I really appreciate the support of my members and accordingly I want to look after them.

You can join for $4.95 anytime you want and read about it and watch the 85hrs of speedo movies.  I think that is a pretty good deal.

I don’t like keeping this from you guys but I hope you understand that I have to pay my rent.

Current members, get in there and check it out – I came 3 times just writing about this yesterday.

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


Thank you for posting. Alex thank you for enjoying speedos.


Hey Dave! I bought a years membership but my login name hasn’t worked for months and months. My username is hungspeedoboi

I ordered on the 19th July 2013. My Member ID is 1539258277

PLEASE can you help resolve this for me? I have emailed you about it many, many times now 🙁

Check out