Sexual Bucket List

It has been a week or so since I posted about Alex and our sexual safari/road trip.

From the emails I’ve been getting, you guys want to hear more about Alex and his sexual awakening.  After Alex’s my first ever experience (which members can read here).

It was a pretty standard first gay experience, I sucked Alex off, he wasn’t that keen to suck me off so I jerked off in my speedos watching him in his speedos.  Then we moved into my bedroom and made out which was really, really hot!!!  That was when I got to suck Alex off again and I jerked myself off while doing it.

I wanted to take it easy with Alex, not scare him or have him do anything he wasn’t sure of or wasn’t comfortable with – this was a big step for him, he had never made out with a guy, had a guy tough him sexually or ever touched another guys cock.

This wasn’t my first rodeo and a week or so later, Alex came around on a Friday afternoon and fucked me.  It was the first time he’d ever fucked a guy and he came pretty quick.  Again, no real reciprocation from him but as it has turned out over the last 18 months, waiting and taking things slow has paid off handsomely.

After Alex fucked me I hooked up with a gay couple I met on Grindr and it was great to be in the hands of some more experienced guys, I wrote about this at the time on my blog and I was afraid Alex was a little jealous.  Alex came around one Friday afternoon, in true form we both stripped down to just our speedos (I was wearing a pair of ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos – like the ones pictured below) and had a drink around my kitchen counter.  Alex apologized for being a little jealous and he understood that in the end I’d need some servicing as well.

It was during this conversation that Alex brought up his sexual bucket list:

  • To suck a guy off until he cums.
  • Work towards being fucked.
  • Threesome with 2 guys.
  • Being tied up and 2 guys fucking him one after the other.

Within 30 minutes of that revelation…… Alex had a full load of my creamy cum in his mouth.

I will post the full story of Alex’s first ever gay blowjob tomorrow. You will have to be a member to read it all – it is only $5 to join and I really appreciate your support.

Gay Blowjob

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