Speedo Washing

It is just about time to walk down to the pool to do some laps.  I was up this morning at 6am and it is just about midday, it has taken me this long to get back on top of things after a big weekend down in Brisbane.

Nothing naughty to report, just catching up with friends and even went to a footy match.

But, whenever I am away from the ‘office’ for that long it takes me ages to get back on top of things.  Then there is three loads of washing as well.

Funny thing is, my line looks a little bit like the guy hanging out his speedo laundry pictured below.

What stuff I have on the cards for you guys this week:

  1. Finish writing 3 of my naughty speedo experiences.
  2. New Movie of the Week (it is really hot, I think you guys will like it)
  3. Plan next weekend with Rachel and Taz
  4. Update side links on this blog
  5. Order a new laptop (mine died on the weekend)
  6. Setup PayPal so people can join using it (if you would like to join using PayPal now, just email me)

Speedo Washing

Instead of doing chores, I’d like to be having an adult beverage in the park with these speedo boys….. it looks like San Fran to me, anyone know where it is?

Speedos in the Park

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