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Something Different

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My speedo collection is full of vanilla speedos, mainly because I want to be able to wear them to the beach or the pool.  I wear my speedos as underwear and just like what happened a few days ago, I often have to drop my shorts (or jeans).

So obviously, I don’t have something like what this guy is wearing in my speedo/fetish drawer.

Where would one wear something like this?  If there is a place, then I want to know where it is so I can go there.

Maybe I should be branching out more, this would definitely get some attention at a nude beach don’t you think?

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November 29th, 2021

White Thong @ the Beach

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Fathers Day here in Australia (not sure why we do it on a different day compared to North America) and my new beach down here has been a zoo since Friday afternoon with people from the city flooding in the weekend.

This morning I woke up early, went for a walk/coffee along the beach and went for a swim.

It was about 8:30am and the beach was already getting busy with families and the weather was great (supposed to get some thunder storms later today).  I put down my coffee mug, stripped down to my new speedos and got in the water.  I swam out a little bit and turned around to look at the lock which is on the Surf Life Saving Club building to see the time.  I didn’t notice the time, but I did notice a young guy, right around 30yo I’m guessing, just getting to the waters edge wearing a white speedo!!!

What confidence!!!

I couldn’t believe it, it was awesome.

But it got better…. a few minutes later I turned around and look back towards shore again and the guy was leaving the water.  I hadn’t noticed it from the front but he wasn’t wearing a white speedo, he was wearing a white thong (g-string, mankini, whatever you want to call it)!!!

I have never ever seen that at the beach in the flesh.  And on a Sunday morning when there were a fair few people about.  Nobody cared, and the guy strutted up the beach, no big deal.

If that guy is reading this, please comment or shoot me an email, I’d like to congratulate you in person.

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September 6th, 2020
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