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Underwater Speedo Fun

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Did you guys enjoy that underwater movie yesterday?  I’ll have to admit, I published it on a few weeks ago and when I watched it again yesterday morning…. I ruined my speedos.

I found some more pics of guys underwater….  I’m kinda surprised there aren’t more underwater pics with everyone having a GoPro these days.

Underwater in a SpeedoUnderwater Gay KissUnderwater Speedo Selfie

And there is another movie showing some underwater sex.  Unlike yesterdays, this one is anal instead of oral.

The times that I’ve been fucked in a pool or hottub it has been on the edge not actually underwater.  I wonder how that is lube wise?

Underwater Anal Sex

October 19th, 2015

Underwater Blowjob

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Monday morning here in Australia and I am up early and I’ve just spent a couple of hours cleaning the house…. weird I know. I’m told meth heads get into weird cleaning moods, I assure you I have never done meth. I was just in the mood to clean and now I’m going to settle in for a day of work, I’ll probably go to the pool around lunch time.

With the house spotless I think I’m going to host a dinner party this week. Roast lamb of course. I figure I can ask Alex around and maybe the two girls who live next door.

Now that would be a foursome!!!

I’m going to text Alex now and see what night works for him, prolly Thursday night I think.

To start the week here is a speedo movie for you guys. The underwater blowjob is some pretty cool…..  (movie which is 20 minutes long can be watched on

Underwater Blowjob

October 18th, 2015

New Underwater Speedo Movie

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I really have been working hard on my site lately and the feedback I’ve been getting from members has been overwhelming.

The latest update this morning is 2 new movies and one of them has some awesome underwater footage.  It is a little different than usual and pretty hot.  There is a 3 minute sample from this movie (which is 23 mins in length) for you guys to check out at the bottom of the homepage.  The start of the movie features two guys in blue speedos (one a speedo brand speedo and the other an AussieBum) who are joined by a third guy who is wearing red speedos.

For those of you who are new here, is a membership site that I started even before this blog.  It has hours of high quality speedo movies, all of my sexual experiences stories and a bunch of photos.

Membership is $4.95 which is unlimited.  By joining you support me and it helps keep this blog free.

Drop on over and have a think about it – if you have any questions drop me an email

Speedo Movies

June 11th, 2015
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