Alex’s Black AussieBums

My swim with Alex yesterday brought a bit of a surprise….. instead of his black speedo brand speedos, he was wearing a pair of black classic AussieBums. ¬†AussieBum is distinct enough with the red tag on the side and when Alex caught me noticing his black AussieBums he said that I had posted pics of guys wearing black AussieBum’s so he thought he’d play along.

This is getting more and more interesting even though that was the only thing said between us about this since his comment on Friday night that he “knows I’m Aussie Speedo Guy”.

Perhaps the Evil Speedo Corporation has finally caught up to me, although I think Alex is a civil engineer so that probably isn’t the case.

Nothing I can really do about it, I know Alex is reading this blog, obviously, and I hope he feels some sympathy for my confusion.

As a side note, Alex getting out of the pool today gave me this kinda of view:

Black Bum in SpeedosBlack Speedo ButtBlack Speedo Butt

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6 comments on “Alex’s Black AussieBums
  1. Sam Speedo says:

    Wow! What a hot ‘rear-view’ of an awesome ass in a pair of tight black speedos (pic 1). Love the tightness, highlighted by the wet speedo. The guy is nicely defined as well.

    Here’s hoping the Speedo Corporation DOESN’T catch up with you on the Central Coast! Not sure what we’d do without all the hot pics you keep posting here, Dave!

  2. Darren says:

    All these guys have great asses. Been catching up on the blog as I have been away for a couple of weeks. Pete 25, I have registered with “ichatalot” and look forward to catching up with you.

  3. Pete25 says:

    Ok Darren – will check and see if you are around. Hope you had a great vac.

  4. Pete25 says:

    Darren – I was in the public room and you were in the private room. I missed you. Sorry. I thought if you saw my name there you would contact me. Guess this is not going to work.

  5. Pete25 says:

    You have any suggestions? That chat room seems to be an issue. I could create a Hotmail e-mail if you think it is worth trying.

  6. Ste says:

    Nice views in the black trunks. Maybe you could persuade Alex to pose for some photos so we’d all be able to see his great body?

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