Friday Afternoon Fuck

Friday morning here in Australia and I’ve had a really busy week.  Bit more admin stuff than porn work but it all has to be done.

This morning I woke with a raging boner and realised that I haven’t jerked off since Wednesday.  That is very unusual for me, I’m daily at the least, often twice daily.  I started jerking off but then though…. this would be more fun with other people.

I got up and started my day, grabbed a coffee and went for a walk to settle my boner down.  I would have gone for a swim but it is windy and overcast.  I messaged my Landlord to see if he wanted to come up and ‘watch football’ tonight (obviously code for gay sex) and he replied that he and the wife were off to wine country for a romantic weekend.  Don’t think he’ll tell her about the orgy he had a few weeks ago (see below for details).  Then I messaged the Slave Boys and they got back to me saying they were busy as well.

What was I going to do?

I turned on Grindr of course.  Before I had made it back to my place I had a few messages, the usual “Hey” replies which I ignore but one from a guy who is coming up for the weekend and staying a little bit south of me here.  He complimented me on my speedo and said it would suit the spa (Aussie slag for hottub) that he has at his unit.  A little bit of back and forth and it is arranged.

He is late 30’s, had a speedo selfie to share and had this weekend planned with friends from interstate but right now all the borders are closed so he is there on his own.

The photo below is something he sent me saying that it was all he intended to wear this weekend if that was OK with me…… I’m meeting him for sunset and I think I might walk down there (5kms away) and Uber home so we can have a few Friday drinks.

Wish me luck guys.

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