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DE Swimwear

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My line of ‘Dave Evans Swimwear’ hit a bit of a hurdle this week.  I’ve had a manufacturer that I’ve worked with in the past and I really enjoyed working with them.

Over the last couple of months I’ve been working with Kip designing a new line with some things that we both like in our speedos.  Drawstring that isn’t on the inside, putting some stitching on the drawstring so that it doesn’t come out in the wash, a really nice lycra that feels amazing, the perfect cut, no lining among other things.  I had placed an order with the supplier to make up 6 prototypes which I was going to give out to some long time supporters and the manufacturer completely blew it.

Such a disappointment after all the back and forward and I thought we had a really great product…. all be it in our heads.

We did make some progress but I’m going to be looking for a new manufacturer.  If you guys have any ideas let me know.

OK, I’m off for an early Saturday morning surf before the wind gets up.  After last weekends partying my liver needs a break so I’m behaving myself this weekend.

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August 14th, 2015

What do you want in a speedo movie?

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A little while ago I was approached by a producer in Europe who had some really hot models and he wanted to shoot some solo guys scenes for me.

After a bit of back and forth everything has been put in place and he is shooting this coming week.

He has asked me what I want in the scene.  I sent him a pair of white Dave Evans speedos and I’d like the model to stay in the speedos pretty much the entire clip, I’d like him to cover in or on his speedos and I’d like to watch him rubbing his cock through the white lycra of his ‘Dave Evans Swimwear’.

Anything you guys would like to add to it?  Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll have uploaded the movie and the stills.

March 11th, 2012
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