Dave, can we tie you up?

I caught up with Alex and his boyfriend a couple of weekends ago for a Sunday barbie and the three of us speedo’d it up but everyone had to work on Monday so nothing naughty happened.  It was pretty cool just hanging out in the backyard with two other speedo guys, who both look amazing by the way.

Three Speedo Guys

That is the only time I’ve seen those guys since I got back….

Today I received a text message from Alex “Adam, some friends of ours and I want to see if we can destroy your arse better than the Married Guy.”

Firstly, Adam is what I call Alex’s boyfriend (not his real name). and secondly, Alex was referring to what I wrote a few weeks ago about the Married Guy fucking my brains out while I wore a jockstrap he had bought just for me – click here to read that story.

Thirdly, I have no idea who Alex meant by “some friends of ours”.

So, after a bit of back and forth during the day I figured out what Alex was proposing…..

Sounds like Alex and Adam get together with a group of guys every month or so, usually 6 to 8 guys, mostly couples but some invited single guys.  I can’t believe Alex had never told me about this because it sounds fucking hot!!!  This Wednesday, Alex and Adam are hosting the event at their place, they have 7 guys confirmed already and right now there is only one true bottom among the group (Alex is versatile as are a couple of the other guys but only one guys who could really take a pounding).  Alex said that they were going to invite me anyway, but now my arse was in demand – hahaha.

I’ve never been to anything like this before or had sex with that many people before but I think I might be up for the challenge.

It is in just over 24 hours time.  Alex asked if I could wear the new jockstrap that the Married Guy gave me.  I think I’m going to have to spend some time with my butt plug between now and then just to make sure I am ready.

Butt Plugs and Jockstraps

During April I had an amazing number of new blog members which is awesome and I really appreciate the support.  I’m going to be writing about what happens tomorrow night in detail but I’m going to keep it for members only.

The idea of the ‘members area’ of the blog is so that I can write a little more freely without worrying as much about discretion, it is a place where I post more of my own photos and some of my selfies.  If you are thinking about joining, this week might be a fun week to join if this orgy is as hot as I’m anticipating it will be.  Joining costs $5, you can pay by credit card or PayPal, nothing adult in nature comes up on any statements (it comes up as Gocah Limited which is an old shell company I setup for discretion).

And I’d really appreciate your support – click here to join now.

Speedo Forum Record

It is a bit of a grey old day here to start the week and it is OK since I have a bit of end of the month paperwork to do.  I often do this on the beach somewhere but today it is inside but I am only wearing speedos I promise.

One of the things I’ve noticed is a new record on the Speedo Forum (www.SpeedoForum.org).

The record was 188 people online at the same time which was set on Friday.  That is amazing!!!

I don’t get to spend much time on the forum since it is 100% free so it is awesome to see it growing and ticking along all on its own.

If you drop by and want to join the forum, you just have to email me your username so I can activate your account (easiest way to prevent spambots which nearly shut it down a few years ago).


Lazy Speedo Sunday

What did you guys get up to this weekend?

Just a quiet one here which was nice.  After a morning surf with the boys I’ve spent the entire day wearing speedos.  I went for a dip just on sunset and it was really gorgeous and I felt like the guy in the orange speedos below albeit it was grey and overcast.

I’m up late going to keep doing some work and watch the F1 – I think I’m in love with Daniel Ricciado.

The Married Guy told me to keep Friday free because he has a plan which sounds interesting.

Sleep tight everyone.

Orange Speedo Butt

Movie of the Week Update

Of course the ‘Movies of the Week‘ feature lots of speedo porn but this weeks movie has a bit of everything…..

  • Making Out
  • Sucking Cock
  • Rimming
  • Anal
  • Cumshot
  • Facial

I hope you guys don’t mind this……

Here is a 4 minute sample…. it is the blowjob part of the movie.

If you want to see the rimming, anal and cumshots (just under 23 minutes) then you have to be a member.  It is only $5 and you get to see previous movies of the week as well.

Click here to join right now.

Off for a quickie

Just a quick blog post as I’m walking out the door for a swim.

The Married Guy touched base this morning saying his was going for a swim and a friend of his is going to join us.  That is all I know so I don’t have any other details but of course I’m having naughty thoughts about it.

Talk to you guys later.

Swimmers in SpeedosSwimmers Underwater

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