Locked Down Special

My friends in New Zealand have been plunged in to lockdown and my Sydney friends are in lockdown until at least the end of September.  I have some family in Melbourne who are locked down as well.

A few weeks ago we were locked down here in Queensland.  Thankfully it was only for a week.  I’m no expert of course but I wonder if it isn’t as bad here because the weather is go great that we don’t socialize as much indoors?

When we had the lockdown here I offered anyone who is a member of this blog, free membership to my site SpeedoFetish.com for the duration of their membership.  The SpeedoFetish.com site has 100’s of hours of speedo porn which might help a little bit for those who are locked down.

I’m going to offer this again.

If you are an existing member, please email me through your username and I’ll send you a login for SpeedoFetish.com, if you decide to join as a new member you can do the same.

Hope everyone locked down is OK and if you are a member please feel free to drop me an email anytime, even if it is just for a chat.

Love you guys…..  Dave

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