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Sorry for the lack of posts over the last week guys, I was asked to help an old friend with an IT project in Queenstown, New Zealand.  Technically, it was work so it was paid for and I even made a little bit of money.  I will have to share some with Kip since he is really the brains behind this operation.

It was short notice, otherwise I would have mentioned it here to see if there are any speedo guys who live in Queenstown.

My accommodation was at my friends house, which is HUGE and I pretty much had one wing of the house to myself.  But, I had a rental car so had a fair bit of freedom of movement which I made the most of.  No naughty action to report unfortunately.

Does anyone know the waterfall in the picture below?

For the first person to mention it in the comments, I will give them a 12 month membership for free.  It is tricky to get to so I’m not sure anyone will get the correct answer.

If you were a member, it would be easier because I don’t blur out my pics for members.  Click here to join now for just $5.

Speedo Waterfalls

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August 13th, 2023

Locked Down Special

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My friends in New Zealand have been plunged in to lockdown and my Sydney friends are in lockdown until at least the end of September.  I have some family in Melbourne who are locked down as well.

A few weeks ago we were locked down here in Queensland.  Thankfully it was only for a week.  I’m no expert of course but I wonder if it isn’t as bad here because the weather is go great that we don’t socialize as much indoors?

When we had the lockdown here I offered anyone who is a member of this blog, free membership to my site for the duration of their membership.  The site has 100’s of hours of speedo porn which might help a little bit for those who are locked down.

I’m going to offer this again.

If you are an existing member, please email me through your username and I’ll send you a login for, if you decide to join as a new member you can do the same.

Hope everyone locked down is OK and if you are a member please feel free to drop me an email anytime, even if it is just for a chat.

Love you guys…..  Dave

August 22nd, 2021

Husband Sucking My Cock

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Since I don’t have anything ‘naughty’ to report this last couple of weeks (hopefully that will change this coming week), I was looking through the stories archive on and came across something I had written titled ‘Husband Sucking my Cock’.

I had completely forgotten about this.

The background is, I was living in New Zealand for a snowboarding season, I was single, horny and they have a dating site called NZDating which I would check out occasionally.  One day I was on there and found this couple who lived in town and were looking for an extra guy.  I wore speedos under my jeans, it was super hot and that first night the wife encouraged the husband to suck my cock which was pretty hot!!!

I ended up seeing them half a dozen times over the rest of the winter while I was in town.  They were a pretty experienced couple and enjoyed the ‘lifestyle’ and I had hoped to meet some more people/friends of theirs but we only ever played just the three of us.

I wonder what they are up to now?

If you’d like to read my 1,500 word account of our first time, it is over on the members area of the blog.

If you are sick of me posting these little teasers, just join the blog.  It is $12.95, you get tonnes of movies, all my stories and the complete photo galleries that I post.  I kind of hate posting these snippets but the guys who support the blog are the guys who keep the whole thing running.   Tomorrow, I’ll be posting 4 speedo jerk off selfie movies that people have sent me over the years…. again, it will be something members get to watch.

C’mon, give it a shot.  You can join with PayPal or credit card, it comes up as “Gocah” on your credit card statement.  A Happy Meal costs about $12.95 these days and I’m pretty sure membership will make you feel happy more than once.

Click here to become a blog member.

Bisexual 3someBeing Sucked by HusbandBi BlowjobBi Teens

August 7th, 2016

Double Standard – Guys Kissing

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I was talking to an old friend in New Zealand last night on Skype and we were reminiscing about when I last lived there and some of the big nights we had.  Since then my mate has gotten married and has 3 kids (yeah he didn’t mess about).

One of his stories which I had forgotten but he reminded me about was when we were at this bar, it is well known in Methven where I lived and we were having a bit of a session after a day snowboarding.  It was late, we had both had maybe 1 or 2 drinks (hehe).  We were standing at the bar with some other friends who we have both lost contact with but my mate Matt tugs on my sleeve and as I turn around there are these two girls on the couch making out.

What a beautiful sight!!!!

Thing is, watching two hot guys make out is just as hot for me.

Why is there a double standard about girls making out in public compared to guys making out in public?

Pics of girls making from here –

Speedo KissSpeedo KissingGsy Speedo Kiss

September 13th, 2013

Weekend Crazies

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Is anyone surprised that my weekend was crazy yet again.

I was well behaved, I got up early on Saturday morning to watch the Wallabies get spanked by the All Blacks.  At half time I called some New Zealand mates of mine to catch up and all is well down there although they are having a pretty bad winter snow wise.

Then I had some friends from Denver come up on Saturday about lunch time and we went for a great mountain bike ride making it back home about 8pm for hottub time and that was when the shit started to hit the fan.

These Denver folks are friends of mine and normally they are good fun but the husband and wife, who were high school sweethearts and have been married for 7 years although they are both a little older than me at 30yo, they are on the rocks.

It was terrible, maybe everyone was tired, nobody had that much to drink so can’t blame that.  Both husband and wife were just as bad.  They ended up getting the shits at each other in the hottub and she stormed off and then we had a late dinner and he got the shits.  I was embarrassed for them and for Kip being his house (he has hung out with them a bunch as well so not like they were complete strangers).

When they started carrying on during dinner I finally couldn’t hold my tongue anymore and pretty much told them not to bring their baggage into Kip’s house and if they couldn’t manage that then I’ll be happy to walk them out to the car.

Hopefully they figure it out but I’m not optimistic over the long run at least.

Thankfully they wanted to avoid Sunday afternoon traffic and didn’t hang out too much on Sunday morning.  After a couple of hours of work Kip and I chilled out on the couch and watched a couple of movies….. maybe that is why they use the word ‘gay’, we are definitely much happier than most married couples I know.

What did you guys get up to over the weekend?

Speedo Package

August 19th, 2013

Pick your favourite ‘speedo boy’

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Nothing much happening over the last couple of days guys so I thought I’d post some some random speedo eye candy – which of these 4 guys is your favourite?  I think I’m going to go with what is behind door number 4 – amazing body and that red speedo seems like it created for that body.

Actually one thing that I have been sorting out is a ski trip over to New Zealand – my friends in Methven (which is near Christchurch) are all having a tough time with relatives and friends that have lost their homes in the earthquakes so I might head further south where I’ve got a bunch of mates in Queenstown.  At this stage I think I might head over in about 2 weeks time so I’m there through mid-August.  There is a gay ski week over there but it isn’t really my scene.

July 20th, 2011
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