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Nothing Beats a Speedo Bum

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Yesterday afternoon I met a friend for a late lunch.  Chick, nothing naughty and she thinks I am 100% str8 (maybe not now).  I have been working way too much in the office so I thought I should make the effort and get some sun so I agreed to meet at a gorgeous little beach down a little bit north of where I live.

There is a Surf Life Saving Club (I have mentioned my experiences being a member of a Surf Life Saving Club, which I will repost for you guys tomorrow) which is right on the ocean and has a fantastic restaurant/bar so we agreed to meet there.

If any of my non-Aussie readers/fans aren’t sure what a Surf Life Saving Club is, let me know in the comments and I am happy to explain how it works.

It is was a great day, sun was out and there were a few people on the beach.  We had a table on the patio overlooking the patrolled beach.  There were a few chicks in thong bikinis which seems to be a continuing trend and my lunch date commented on it (she is a little older than me).

Half way through lunch, my lunch mate used to rest rooms and while she was away this guy, mid 30’s wearing a Budgy Smuggler speedo walks across the beach right in front of the Surf Club.  He was gorgeous and to top it off, he had such confidence that I was blow away.  His ass, his chest, his legs, OMG, it was a real life Aussie Speedo Guy blog post.  Hahaha.

Only problem was, while I was ooogggling the Budgy Smuggler Speedo Adonis, my friend returned from the bathroom.

I’m really not sure how badly I was caught.

I passed it off saying there was some eye candy for her since the thong girls were eye candy for me.

It did prompt a little bit of a discussion regarding mens swimwear.  She told me that it wasn’t fair that girls always wore skimpy swimsuits and she hoped that speedos would become a trend, just as thong bikinis had.

I couldn’t agree with her more.

Great Ass

September 15th, 2023

Members Beach Day

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Today is looking like a cracker of a day and I’m off to the beach to work on my speedo tan and perhaps create some naughty speedo memories.

Two weeks ago I told you guys about being in the dunes and having a couple stumble across me (click here to read that post) and after that I received half a dozen emails from members (another dozen from non-members) asking me where the spot was.

During those emails conversations, two of the guys/members who live up here in Queensland were keen to join me for a day at the beach.  Today is that day and the three of us are going to ‘stumble’ across each other in the dunes.  I’m going to sack up and wear my new Pink AussieBum’s (so I stand out) and I’m about to head out now.

We aren’t going to the beach I was at two weeks ago, we are going somewhere that I’ve read about and sounds like it will be perfect.

Here is what I read (members only, sorry guys):

Dogging Coolum Beach

Here is a map, purple is where I’m going to park and then follow the directions:

Sex on the Beach

I’ll report in what we got up to tomorrow guys.

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November 23rd, 2020
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