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Cock Sox

I emailed CockSox for this blog post asking if they were interested in contributing some official photos or maybe a pair of CockSox for me but I didn’t hear back from them. I have one pair of CockSox and they

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Cocksox Thong

Happy Thong Thursday guys!!! I saw this photo the other day, it is a Cocksox thong which looks great.  Unfortunately, I haven’t yet had a Cocksox product where I liked the front of them. Maybe my cock isn’t big enough

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Steve Grand

I have no idea who Steve Grand is, I can honestly say I’ve never heard of it him BUT I have seen this photo of him before…… Someone posted a bunch of photos of him over on the SpeedoForum.org and

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Tighie Whities

White Underwear

I am wearing my white arena speedos which are probably a size too small in the hottub tonight. Busy weekend but will post about it tomorrow guys.

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Most Popular Speedo Photos

At the end of the month and I spend more than a day going through the traffic stats and join stats for my sites. I use Google Analytics on all the sites and it is amazing how much detail you

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