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Speedo Nerds

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I have a ‘potential’ hookup lined up for later in the day….  I’m not 100% sure it is going to happen but we will see.

My plan is to go for a hike a little south of my place to a gorgeous little beach called Maitland Bay.  I found this years ago and it really is very cool.  There is a bunch of National Parkland around it and my plan is to pick up some Subway, some Bundy and Coke UDL’s (rum and coke in a can), walk the hour or so into the park from Little Beach along the cliffs, work on my speedo tan and maybe, just maybe a cute guy will be walking along the beach about 2pm.

The guy who is interested is a long time fan, is a blog member, is 22yo, local guy and loves speedos.  He said he is a bit of a nerd which is exactly how Kip and I describe each other.

I will keep you guys posted on what happens – I’m going to take my camera down too so I’ll get some scenery pics if nothing else.

Ow, and I do have a backup plan.

When I posted about me kind of loosing my fuck buddy Alex he called me like 5 minutes after I posted that and he said that he really appreciated me being cool about him and Adam and giving him some space.  But, Alex said that he and Adam had a great time when we had  our threesome (click here to read about that).

Adam and Alex would love to do it again… how about Friday night?

I said it would depend on what happened on the beach but maybe…..

You guys will be the first to know about it.

Check out these nerds in their speedos – I love the glasses!!!

Speedo NerdsSpeedos and Glasses

September 8th, 2016

Kip’s Last Day

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Today is Kip’s last here on the coast.  Tomorrow we are going to drive down to Sydney, he is going to spend the night at an airport hotel and I’m picking up some mates who are flying in.  Not really a coincidence because we planned it this way.

It has been a great trip and I love it when Kip is in the house.  We’ve got a bunch of work done, the biggest one being the new movies system on that allows guys to watch the movies on all platforms.

Kip has definitely gotten a taste for Aussie guys while he has been here, he’s met Alex who I was in the process of ‘breaking in’ when Kip arrived.  Kip has spent more time in the ocean than he has in his life and he went snowboarding among gum trees.

Being Kip’s last day I wanted to take him to one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve found called Maitland Bay.  I kinda just stumbled over this beach a few years ago and it is about an hour walk from the entry that I know about although I think there is a shorter way to get into it.  The photos below show just how beautiful it is but if you look out towards the ocean and south you can see the Sydney skyline!!!

There weren’t any people around so Kip and I speedo’d it up and I even got Kip to make out with me in the ocean which was pretty hot.  We could have fucked there but I have something planned for later tonight and wanted to ‘save Kip’ – hehehehe, can you guess what I have planned for him?  I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.

Next time we see each other might be in Feb/March in Colorado for some snowboarding and some speedo sex, hottub style.

Maitland Bay

The walk in is amazing as well.  Being nerds we take out laptops to the beach.  We did a bit of work while we were there.

Sex on the beachSydneyAustralian CoastlineDave Speedo Evans

October 27th, 2014
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